Jokes About Developers in Their Natural Habitat [Gifs]

Q: Why do developers always mix up Halloween and Christmas?

A: Because Oct 31 = Dec 25!

There might be nothing new or interesting in saying that creativity fuels both humor and web developing. But is it possible to reverse this equation? Can humor or rather the thought structure and method of humor fuel creative thinking or more specifically design thinking? Humor is one of the most effective ways of human communication. Jokes and smiles can help avoid confusion and add feeling of comfort to the conversation. However, all people have a different sense of humor. It all depends on the specifics of your own web project and the target audience.

So, today we’d like to share some cool jokes about developers presented as GIF animations. Get your day started with a juicy bit of laughter and pass it along. Check out following animations and don’t forget to share some of your favorite into the comments section.

How refactoring of the code looks like…

If I were developer, I’d have the same toys

Coding at 3 am.

This is how developer sees a girl developer

Developers face when you accidentally unplug his computer…

When the project dev was working on for a long time gets the green light

When the dev sees the code written by the intern

When intern drinks coffee from devs cup

What if developers made planes…0_o

Don’t forget to share some animations in the comments. All the best.

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