The First Cherished Responsive Animated WordPress Theme

Keep your breath, open your eyes wide! Right now you will get acquainted with first, brand new and unique Responsive Animated WordPress Theme created by TemplateMonster!

The template is a fruit of well co-ordinated team work. During the development only best practices were applied, which led to creation of original product having no equals. You can use this link to view the live demo of our pearl before we’ll start a closer analysis. We suggest you keep it open in a new tab in order to have the possibility to cast a glance at some animated elements not reflected on a screenshot but discussed in the blog post.

Do you remember what happened during scaling the responsive page before? We observed its progressive adjustment to the window width and content relocation. Test this theme, rescale the page and wonder how the content evenly conforms to the “new resolution”. No separate layouts any more, the theme can be called responsive “to the bone”.

* * *

And what about images when you scale the page? They change their size accordingly to fit the lesser resolution and occupy the whole width of the page.

* * *

Now, please focus at the background, there is an Ajax powered full-size image slider.

* * *

From now content attached to the particular menu item is also loaded with the help of Ajax, which saves you from tiresome page reloads!

The logo is scaled with the help of CSS according to the device’s screen size. If you want to replace the logo image with the text, do it via the administrative panel.

Drop down menu with all menu items replaces the site menu on smaller screens. The method helps to save the space and enhance overall usability. The technique is very popular now-a-days and Smashing magazine website is an expressive evidence of our statement.

* * *

Click the menu item BLOG, on the right side you see Categories and Calendar sidebars called ‘Aside’, you won’t find them in mobile version which saves the space on your screen.

* * *

An easy to tap screen wide “Back to top” button is an additional cause for joy for mobile users!

* * *

When you turn the screen and change its position, this moment is caught by JavaScript called jQuery mobile.

Info for users of earlier versions of Android devices: parameter position fixed is not realized in versions under 2.2; higher versions do not have similar problems.

Mobile version includes left/right buttons at the bottom of the page, which let you change the background image if it does not suit your esthetic preferences.

As we referred above, only best practices were used during the development, so the team took two grids, dissected them, and picked only the best parts. – lent its CSS3 media queries technology

Heroku Grid – shared the percentage scale algorithm.

TemplateMonster’s web developers used Adobe Shadow and Screenfly resources to test all features of this remarkable theme. Both of them showed excellent results and were extremely helpful during the process.

* * *

We can assure you that TemplateMonster will never stop the inventions helping to deliver its customers only the best templates on the net! Stay with us and be aware of new fantastic tidbits coming soon!

Thanks for your time, please, keep in mind that your feedback is highly appreciated!

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