Roundup: Business Cards and Their Designs

Business card can tell a lot about your company and that’s why special emphasis should be placed on it. Professionally done card is an integral part of the business strategy of your company. It builds up the first impression about your business and helps to get the idea about it. Designing a business card can be interesting and rewarding job for a designer. Creativity and professionalism can be of a great use in this process and designers should try their best and make use of their experience to achieve a good result. Today’s roundup features top 10 posts regarding business cards. All of them you have sent to our site and we feature the most popular of them in this overview.


40 Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design 2010


40 Various Examples of Round Edge Business Cards


20 Original and Quirky Business Card Designs


21 Black Business Cards Design


40 Cool Business Cards to Enliven Your Creativity


60 Stunningly Beautiful Minimal Business Cards


70 Beautiful Vector Business Cards


10 High Quality Business Card Design Tutorials


12 Usable Free Business Card Templates


The Anatomy Of a Business Card

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