Script Compression WordPress Plugins for Better Performance

WordPress plugin directory has tons of useful tools that can do various things, but sometimes it’s hard to find the exact plugin there. That’s why such short roundups like we want to show you today are real time-savers for WordPress users. For WordPress websites the problem of optimization website’s speed and performance is often resolved with the help of various plugins. Mostly these plugins are aimed at optimizing website content, which is very powerful technique, but we should never forget about other aspects of the WordPress CMS. So, here is a collection of WordPress plugins for script compression. These tools will help you solve the performance issue by compressing code or moving important files to one location. We sincerely hope that you’ll find our post useful for you, and it will help you optimize your WordPress website.

JS & CSS Script Optimizer

JS & CSS Script Optimizer combines scripts into the single file, pack them using JavaScript Packer, pack CSS files (remove comments, tabs, spaces, newlines). Helps to speed your WordPress website instantly.

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Script Compressor

This WordPress plugin uses auto-compression for the header and tags. You can always manage the process of compression in the admin page. Besides that it supports editable CSS compression condition.

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WP-HTML-Compression plugin compresses HTML code by removing standard comments and white space; including new lines, carriage returns, tabs and excess spaces.

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CSS And Script Files Aggregation

This plugin supports browser caching, CSS media types, compressing of header and footer scripts. Also it automatically generates new css/js when one of the those files has been changed.

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Order Styles and Javascript

Current WordPress script compressing plugin collects all inline scripts in one place to make the source code look better.
Also it orders JavaScript and helps to optimize styles for better performance.

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Scripts Gzip

Scripts Gzip plugins merges and compress scripts. It also rewrites url() addresses in the CSS files if necessary, leaving http:// and / links alone. So, it is pretty effective and simple tool that would help you to optimize your scripts.

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