Vintage Computer Ad Posters

It’s needless to say how fast technologies are growing nowadays. Sometimes you can’t catch up with all latest news and updates concerning computer sphere. Our world is spinning so fast that we enough time to look around, even though it is great to look back and feel those charming days when the computers were larger […]

Movie Posters of Recent Years. Roundup from DesignFloat

How can you get the idea of the film without watching it? Movie posters will give you the hint at the concept of the film and show its plot in laconic and attractive way. The creation of the poster is a certain art that demands good skills. One single poster can tell a lot about […]

Retro Auto Racing Posters

Start your engines, gentlemen because today we are going to talk about speed and adrenaline. Since the early years of 20th century car races were absolutely unbelievable events that caused media boom and huge resonance. Retro racing posters featured in today’s post show us the original techniques that were used to describe speed and blazing […]

Incredibly Magnetic Water Art

A lot of contemporary artists show real obsession with water art and it can be easily noticed from their portfolios. They create the magnificent works of art using water patterns and a bit of inspiration. The results turn out to be wonderful and unbelievable and we admire the ethereal figures, amazing flowers, mind-bending splashes that […]

The Compilation of Incredibly Collectable Vintage Airline Posters

Airline posters aren’t the new kid on the block in the world of advertising. For a long time already they’ve been those incredibly sought-for antiques regarded as being of incredible interest to the collectors. Now we’ll offer the compilation of several early and indeed fine examples of vintage airline posters that heralded the introduction of […]

Free Windows 7 Abstract Wallpapers. Only Stunning Items!

Hey guys, if you are looking for free windows 7 wallpapers that are rapidly becoming very popular, you have found the right place! Today we present the collection of amazing windows 7 abstract wallpapers for various tastes and we hope that you will enjoy them and decorate your desktop with their help. It is so […]

Very Explicit, Bold Examples of Road Safety Ad Posters

Ad posters have been evolving dramatically. Let’s for instance take the powerful advertising campaigns launched by various public interest associations to raise the awareness for road safety. They hold perfect examples of how simple and straight messages work. The ads cover different road safety behaviors revolving around the concepts of slowing down, necessity of wearing […]

Movie Posters – Fascinating Examples and Modern Trends

Being an eternal source of inspiration for years and years, movie posters continue spreading creative ideas nowadays. It is really interesting to observe how artists are mixing major techniques for creating more and more original artworks. Last decade was symbolized by huge influence of digital technologies though it doesn’t mean that modern movie posters have […]

Tiago Hoisel: The Master of Cartoon Illustrations

How do you spot a talented artist? Of course, you will notice him by amazing works that he creates. The works by Tiago Hoisel, digital illustrator from Brazil, are undoubtedly creative and perfect in their execution. As he mentions, most of his cartoon illustrations and caricatures are created in Photoshop CS3. It seems likely that […]

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