Making Each Pixel Count: Unusual 8-Bit Posters by Eric Palmer

This topic presents you a great collection of 8-bit posters from Eric Palmer, reviewing all interesting facts about pixel art and creation of movie posters with 8-bit computer game look.

Surreal Art by Nancy Fouts

Enjoy the mixed media surreal works by the American born and London based artist Nancy Fouts!

Stay Thirsty – Creative Beer Label Designs

Beer bottles have really unique shape which opens a huge field for various experiments with label design. I’m sure that beer fans value not only perfect tastes but also creativity of their favorite products’ design. Here is our vision of original ideas realized in the following beer label designs. You may have your own opinion […]

Inspirational Mac Wallpapers done with Geektool

Geektool utility has become one of the most popular applications among Mac users. Basically this tool allows you to embed objects and information directly into your desktop. You have the ability to create your own original functional desktop wallpaper with awesome custom functionality. So, here are some really original and creative Geektool Mac wallpapers. These […]

Top 10 Scary Halloween Movie Posters

All Saints Day has come and you all know what does it mean. It is time for crazy parties, original costumes and scary pranks of course. Today we’ve decided to give our honour to this awesome and extremely popular holdiay by presenting to you a list of Top 10 Scary Halloween Movie Posters. These are […]

Back to the Futurama – Awesome Fan Art Posters

Check out awesome Futurama propaganda and movie posters created by Futurama fans from all over the world.

Stylish Pictogram Movie Posters by Viktor Hertz

Check out the collection of creative pictogram minimal posters of the famous films made up by Viktor Hertz

Inspiring Vintage Car Ad Posters

15+ Inspiring Vintage Car Ad Posters will make smile and remind your first cars for sure!

14-Year-Old Boy Designing Superior Movie Posters

This page offers a showcase of superior movie posters from a talented 14-year-old hobbyist graphic designer whose name is Mahdi Chowdhury. Mahdi has done ‘The Film Exhibition’ collection and based on all-time favorite classic movies created his own poster art. Here what he says about his works: “These are dear films to myself and are […]

Creative Music Posters. Roundup from DesignFloat

Music can be not only heard, but even seen. The artists can depict melodies in amazing pieces of art that will have an impact on the future listeners. Music Posters turn out to be excellent examples of visual presentation of music. Graphic artists are able to paint the sound and rhythm using their associations and […]