Sure Shot Mantra to Design a Successful Ecommerce Website

Designing a simple website is somehow easy but when it comes to designing an eCommerce website it is a bit complex. I would not say that it is difficult but it is a little complicated as compared to a simple website. In such websites there are chances that your web designer could make some mistakes related to designing and usability of the website. When you are dealing with multiple products and you want to sell your products your website needs to be user friendly and should be able to promote your products efficiently. There are a number of factors that should be taken care of for designing a successful eCommerce website.

So if you are planning to design an eCommerce website for your business, here we are discussing some crucial points that you might want to inculcate into your website design. Create an excellent eCommerce store with the following points.

1. Keep the design simple yet effective

You must have heard of a saying ‘Simplicity is best’. People are so overloaded into their daily routine that they do not want to enter into the complex world. Their lives are already very complex so they do not dare to face the same thing again. Well the point here is keep the design of your website very simple so that accessing through the products and pages should be easy for any visitor. If you keep the product reach easy and simple your website automatically will become effective.

2. Showcase your best deals first

No matter if you have thousands of things to sell but you cannot place all those thousand items at your home page. Prioritize your products and place the best ones on the first page with discounts, exclusive offers or saying limited edition. This will make things direct between you are your visitor. Customers always get attracted to the things having some kind of tags on them. Put some special tags of discount, sale etc. and grab maximum of your visitors.

3. Keep the payment mode easy and straight

Before you design your website think yourself as a customer or visit an eCommerce website and try to purchase at least one thing just to check their payment processing. If the process is very lengthy and it takes several steps that is confusing you and making you doubtful about the purchase, it is normal that will leave the page right there and will look for some easy and quick payment offering website. Do not make this mistake with your website. Make things easy and straight to keep your customers happy.

4. Always use good quality pictures

Pictures of the products speak more than its description does. A user always gets attracted to the image first and then move to the detailed description of the product. So you have to take pictures with a high resolution camera and if it is not possible then try editing your pictures into a good frame before using them on your website. Using images as it is won’t be much of use for making handsome amount of money.

5. Keep the design relevant to the products you sell

Relevancy of your products and your website matters a lot. If you are selling baby products but you are using a beachside theme for your website, can you relate the two? No. Think what impression your visitor would take with him after seeing such a mess. So be fair enough with your visitor as well as with your website to make it successful. You do not have to worry if you are not good with creativity, your website designing company and your graphic designers will help you with this. After all you are paying them for all this. You can always suggest your ideas.

6. Be Clear with your promotions always

Whether you offer free shipping or not be clear about it on the website so that people do not have to search for it. If you have some conditions for making your shipping free like order above $100 will be delivered free and many more. Make everything clear so that your clients would remain with no confusions before purchasing things from your cart.

7. Maintain Blogs

This is something that does not include into designing but this is one of the most critical factors for making your eCommerce website to climb the ladder of success quickly. With the help of blogs you can make new connections, update your readers with new things on your cart, and define them what are you up to these days and what occasion are you going to celebrate and how they will be benefitted with your celebrations. Make connections, interact with them, leave some questions, answer the questions being asked and keep on providing some necessary information to your readers in order to keep them waiting for your next text.

Conclusion: When you are into market it is important to perform things very carefully leaving no scope for errors. It is your duty to serve you clients with the best services. Make your website catchy, attractive and user friendly so that people should share ideas about your website and visit the site repeatedly.

Author bio:University topper and gold medalist in designing Kristy Bernales works with Web Design Xperts, a leading Magento eCommerce Web Development Company located in Melbourne. The company is really proud to have such an employee and would love to grow the organization with her. She is very energetic and enjoys her work. The creativity and innovative ideas she designs are amazing and we always get a thumps up from our clients in a single go. Apart from this she runs her blog which is also related to Web designing and development where you will get all related topics about designing and development. Feel free to ask anything and follow her on Twitter.

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