Virtual Fitting Rooms – e-Commerce UX of the Future

Do you buy clothes online? Surely, each person can tell about at least one-time experience of online apparel shopping. And what about apprehension before the final click? Buying clothes online is always entailed with a certain percent of probability that the item won’t perfectly fit because of the wrong size, color, fabric or cut.

According to statistical data, online apparel sales reach nearly 7 percent, notwithstanding the fact, that this e-Commercial category is considered the largest. This figure is negligibly small in comparison with those of books and computers, for instance.

However, a breaking technology (slide 98) of augmented reality, which becomes more and more popular among European and USA merchants, is able to change the situation drastically. The idea is as follows: you can try on all selected models not leaving your home, then change them for the recommended ones, share your images with friends and get their feedback. Don’t you think that such innovative approach can convince even the most hesitant buyers?

In other words, the augmented reality is achieved with the help of software using webcam (some solutions don’t require the webcam, just customer’s measurements), motion capture interface, and social media integration.

The application developers even promise up to 60% sales increase and up to 30% returns reduce, which sounds very catching, isn’t it? You know, some online brands, which have already incorporated virtual fitting rooms into their websites, confirm certain positive dynamics in their conversion rates.

No doubt, while the technology is not so widely-spread, there is still much space for perfection. Software’s universality lets merchants use it for a wide range of products like glasses, jewelry, furniture, etc. Maybe in future, the option will completely erase the border between virtual and physical reality, allowing customers not only try on the clothes, but feel the fabric’s texture and weight…

At present, we can arrive at the conclusion that virtual fitting rooms can boost e-Commerce UX from both sides.

From side of brands and merchants conversion rates growth, returns reduce as well as customers’ satisfaction increase can be expected.

From side of buyers, a greater percentage of completed checkouts, stronger confidence in their choice, less stress and disappointment along with stronger loyalty to favorite brand are rather predictable consequences.

If you are impressed with the technology, believe in its cloudless future and even think about incorporating it into your e-Commercial projects, here are some helpful links to developers, providing the service.

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