A Map to Marketing Automation: 6 Key Website Components for Smarter Marketing

As the internet continues to evolve, online marketing practices are along for the ride. We’ve made big advances since the internet’s first banner ad, all the way back in 1994:

Banner ads still have a place in modern marketing, but they’re much more than static images. They’re trackable, targeted by audience interest, and more dynamic than we ever could have imagined back in the days of Boys II Men.

Among all the bells and whistles of online marketing, automation has risen as a popular trend.

If you’re not familiar with marketing automation, it’s simply the process of building out marketing assets and campaigns ahead of time, and letting them execute themselves as prospects and leads enter your sales funnel.

Here’s how it works:

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Celestial Web Design – the Examples of Modern Internet Symbolism

The sky has always accompanied humanity throughout the history. Ancient mythology stated about the indissoluble connection of the sky and the Earth, where we all live in. Ancient Greeks supposed Uranus, the god of the sky, was a brother and a husband of Gaia, the mother-Earth. Sky personified active, male and spiritual aspect of life as a harmonic supplement to passive, female and material aspect. Artists and poets of all times were inspired by the beauty of the gorgeous celestial spaces that seemed endless behind the horizon.

So it’s not surprising that artist of more modern form, such as web designers, also often use it in their works. Here and there throughout the web we can meet websites that use sky elements in their designs. Of course, nothing can fully transmit the magnificence of the sky – and probably therefore we love the art that just gives a hope of reality, but not the reality. However some web designers can be very close to that – and we value exactly such feature of propinquity to the reality. Below I would like to present the digest of the best celestial web designs for your inspiration and for evolution of modern internet symbolism. Enjoy.

* * *

Telegraph Creative

Celestial Web Design

* * *


Celestial Web Design

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Original Calligraphy Posters for True Typography Lovers

Typography lovers – this is a common definition of all people who know a thing about typography, and who are its ardent devotees. They know quite well the origin of fonts, their philosophy, characteristics, can enumerate all interesting facts about the single chosen one. They know quite well that typography is everywhere, not only on the web. You can run into cool typo examples in everyday life, the only thing you need is to be attentive.

The diversity of typefaces around you is great. Billboards, prints on window shops, buses, city lights – advertising makes use of original fonts and thus catches the audience’ attention. Some of the types that you see are unexpected, the others look usual, but all of them work for grabbing interest.

If you want to drive some inspiration from typographic artworks, become a real font picker or just find some effective fonts for your design works, have a look at Calligraphy Posters compiled in this post. They are inspirational examples of typo art that is worth seeing. Enjoy!



Calligraphy Posters


Calligraphy Names

Calligraphy Posters

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7 Branding Tips For a Web Design Company

Web design is already a competitive industry, and it’s getting more crowded out there. The competition isn’t just from the local precinct where you live and work currently; it’s from many professionals and companies (all sizes).

Today, there’s a strong need to distinguish yourself from them. There ought to be a way to make a distinct mark all the way from how you make clients come to you to deliveries and service.

A brand is all about how the customers “feel” about the entire transaction. If you are running a web design company, chances are that your work does a lot of talking and convincing. So it does for every other web design company and freelancers too.

Branding Tips For Web Design Company
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20 Free Infographic Templates To Enter In-the-Know

Times of books with naked text have passed. Internet gave a lot of handy tools for presenting information through many perception channels at a time. Text is not enough for today lazy average users, spoiled with info oversaturation. You should not only tell about, but also show, and more detailed the better. So it’s not surprising that format of infographic become so popular – it’s really demanded by internet masses.

Okay, so we decided infographic is a needful thing. But how to create your own infographic if you are total noob and has no idea how to start? Well, in this case I can recommend apply infographic templates.
Once you gain some practical experience with them, learns all the tricks and techniques from others, you will surely understand how to design infographic totally by your own. So, in order to help you with your start, I listed 20 free infographic templates below. They are of different themes: business, retro, cooking, IT and more. So, learn and enjoy.

* * *

Eco Infographic Template

Free Infographic Templates

* * *

Five Infographic Templates

Free Infographic Templates
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Learning Bootstrap: 6 Cheatsheets to Start with

Once you are on this page I believe you know what Bootstrap is. So there is no need to describe all the benefits this website framework can give, with all of its multifunctional tools. However, to know what Bootstrap is, doesn’t mean to know how to use it for your own web development purposes. And sometimes the distance between those two “knowings” is so huge that we need a lot of time to shorten it. Well, Bootstrap is not a discipline that you need to spend years on to master. But it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do with leaning. Learning is mandatory, if you want to have satisfactory results.

As you know a good start means a good beginning. So I would like to present 6 Bootstrap cheatsheets. They will be definitely useful for Bootstrap beginners to start with: there you will find short, but comprehensive information. It will not only give an idea of what Bootstrap is from inside, but also provide you with basic knowledge to use it on practice. Enjoy.

* * *

Bootstrap 3 Navigation Cheatsheet

Bootstrap Cheatsheets
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Website Redesigning Pitfalls to Avoid

Redesigning can be a tricky subject and a daunting task. Needless to say, it should be handled with great care. But, redesigning is hopelessly abused by organizations. Clients often end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars on redesign projects without applying any strategic thought. But, if you plunge into website design process for all the wrong reasons, you are bound to lose your hard earned dollars and subsequently hurt your branding effects and potential source of earning revenue. Whether government organizations, Fortune 500, academic institutions, or small businesses, website redesign fiasco seems to haunt each and every organization.

Avoid Redesigning Pitfalls

Very often redesigns fail to solve actual problems faced by users. Website redesign often becomes a battleground for different departments. It soon becomes a hotchpotch with too many people trying to implement new strategies without thinking about consequences. Remember, a redesign project should be done only for the right reason and at right time. Don’t embark on a website redesign project just to keep pace with your competitors or emulate trends. It could turn out to be a viscous trap. In this article, I will discuss common pitfalls that organizations can stay away from.
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Free Design with a Scandinavian Touch for Restaurant Site

Chic and modern – it’s all about Scandinavian style that catches more and more interest of the viewers today. It’s simple and elegant in its aesthetics and robust at the root. If you want your designs look professional and minimalistic, this style is what you need. It’s not only decorative, but oriented at wise presentation of your business. Consider Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Site to bring a Scandinavian touch to your projects that deal with food & restaurant business.

The design of this theme is clean and simple without compromising on its functionality. Soft olive color on the background and blurred images in the gallery look really appealing. Clicking each of the images, you go to the Menu page. Animated border menu (presented in three dashes) in the top reveals the menu items when you click it. Back-to-top button moves you smoothly to the header. The Contacts page is designed with a nice map in soft colors that is taken from Snazzy Maps site offering a number of color solutions for Google maps. Notice elegant fonts and nice circular design elements that add visual appeal to this design.

We hope, this design will bring you savory inspiration for new creations.

demo | get.psd

Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Site

Christmas Eve Calendar on TemplateMonster: Be Ready for the Gifts

Christmas is coming. Supermarkets show up Christmas trees, TV ads become more and more orientated on forthcoming holiday. Internet is not an exception, eCommerce website are making us glad with different Christmas ad campaigns. As you could know, web advertising implies the most freedom in means of its expression. Sometimes it puts eCommerce companies in difficult position. Nevertheless, once they overcame it, the result can be definitely interesting. And useful – as for consumers.

One of such interesting and useful campaigns was recently presented by TemplateMonster. These guys took an idea of Advent calendar and adapted it for web design needs. There 24 boxes with presents – for each day of December before Christmas. The present promos and discounts are active during the day it’s opened. All updates of the Christmas Eve calendar are posted on TemplateMonster blog.

Web designers are also worth having holiday atmosphere – thanks TM for that.

Christmas Calendar TemplateMonster
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7 Outstanding WP Plugins to Manage Online Courses

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) used by the top online businesses around the world. It also offers a largest blogging system with over 60 millions websites. This interactive open source system allows the users to create website and blog system with all relevant features and elements. This is what makes it a popular resource among the website owners and bloggers who use it to interact with their audience. WordPress has efficient plugins that maximize the functionality of a website and enhance the user experience.

These plugins also offer range of options for the online educators who want to teach through the modern methods of e-learning. These plugins can be integrated into Learning Management System (LMS) to enable the educators teach more and manage less. Here I will inform you about key plugins that can improve the usability of your website and at the same time make you more accessible to your target audience.

1. Sensei

Sensei is a plugin for LMS, created by Woothemes. This cool educational tool integrates learning in digitized form. The plugin allows the teachers to create lesson plans, develop courses and post quizzes. Sensei uses Graphic User Interface (GUI) to invite the users and facilitates them with simple and easy registration process. With sensei, educators can set up a stylized theme that can best suit their audience. Sensei also provides an analysis of the grades, contents and the students registered with your website.

Online Courses WordPress Plugins
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