480+ Free Tools for Web Designers and Developers

If you feel like your creative soul needs more free stuff, then we’ve got great news for you: there is a place where all possible free resources for designers, coders, marketing specialists and writers are collected, sorted and structured for your convenience. This post showcases 480+ free website design tools that will save you thousands of dollars, and tons of time.

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65 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2016

In order to feel confident in the web design world of today, you must embrace all the current techniques, and stick to them whenever possible.

Today we are pleased to introduce you to our comprehensive guide to the most significant web design trends of 2016. The article is divided into 8 large parts:


In this part of the post the key web design trends related to page layouts are presented. You will learn:

-          How flat design will be used in 2016;

-          How to implement vintage elements properly;

-          What typography techniques will be popular;

-          What Pinterest-inspired trend is expected to blossom in the next several years;

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Meet F2 – A Free Magento Theme with Premium Features

If you own a Magento-based store, you know that this ecommerce platform is one of the best of its kind. It is difficult in development, but is extremely scalable and robust. Now, when Magento 2 is available, it’s time to consider transferring your store to the new version.

Here are some of the most significant innovations introduced in Magento 2:

Better checkout

The checkout process in Magento 2 has been improved in terms of usability introducing guest checkout, automatic credit cart type detection, and becoming more streamlined.

Improved caching

The full page caching of Magento 2 reduces the page loading time and the amount of server resources required for store’s proper operation.

New file structure

The file structure of the new Magento is simpler and more developer-oriented.

Reduced table locking

Table locking has been a common problem of large Magento stores with a lot of traffic. It occurred when many customers attempted to place their orders simultaneously, using the same database table. In Magento 2 it’s no longer an issue.

Easier customization

Magento 2 includes Visual Design Editor. It will allow you to modify the layout of your theme in a user-friendly WYSIWYG way. Read More

200+ Free Vintage Resources for Graphic Designers

In our world of glass and concrete it is necessary to bring something natural into our lives from time to time, and vintage design trend is one of the best ways of doing it.

Today we are glad to share with you our ultimate handpicked collection of 200+ vintage freebies for designers, photographers, bloggers and just DIY’ers.

200-Vintage-Freebies-900x538This gallery is divided into 9 categories, covering the whole assortment of free vintage and retro resources. Whether you want to design a unique t-shirt, a brand identity for your website, or just a featured image for your blog, these freebies will surely come in handy.

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5 Ways Cinemagraphs can Facilitate Visual Content Creation for Brands

Cinemagraph is among the hottest fads in the design industry. If we just go by the definition, a cinemagraph is a still image with one or more moving areas to it.

In reality, however, cinemagraph is more than this cursory definition. Eric Haskell has explained in his article how animated GIFs will replace videos and images. Cinemagraphs are in animated GIF format.

Visual branding is now in the focal point of brands because it helps them in authority marketing.Cinemagraphs are becoming increasingly popular and are lending brands a hand in visual content promotion.

Resurgence of aesthetics

With visual content becoming more important than ever before, a resurgence of aesthetics seems very likely. Cinemagraph has a major role to play in this. It’s not that still images don’t invoke aesthetic feelings, it’s that cinemagraphs increase such feelings ten times.

See the image below:

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[Infographic] Best 30 Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s normal to feel confused when your eCommerce website isn’t producing the revenue you’d hoped for. It’s disheartening to see many people visiting your website, but simply clicking away without purchasing. While your Internet traffic statistics look good, your bottom line paints a disappointing picture. The issue might be how you’re projecting your company’s products or services. I’ve created an engaging infographic to bring you 30 proven tactics to improve your eCommerce conversion rate and make your website a winner. First, let’s briefly review a few tips you can’t miss.

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How to Block WordPress Referrer Spam in Google Analytics Guide

Are you worried that you’re acquiring lot many referrer spam daily in your Google Analytics? Referrer spam is a method to pass out fake referrer information to the websites. Such spam links then emerge in the users’ analytics, and can direct you to click on malevolent websites. For a year or two, referral spam has been in huge trend. Few corrupt spammers bring up fake traffic to your website from impractical looking URLs such as blog.avari.io, chinese-amazon.com, econsultancy.com, etc.

Here we will exhibit how you should obstruct the WP referrer spam into the Google Analytics.


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Ecommerce Trends & Statistics [Infographic]

With each year passing new trends have surfaced that are taking the ecommerce industry by storm. Customer behaviors and preferences have shown that merchants are eager to make changes on their ecommerce websites following the statistics acquired from the latest research.

These finding have urged merchants to incorporate new policies and develop strategies to win sales and further learn from the online buyer in every aspect. This has given store owners the advantage of fueling themselves for the long haul and getting their sales done in the most efficient means possible.

It’s only a matter of time when the ecommerce industry starts devising new plans to adapt to the evolving trends of the new age of internet. Merchants have commenced the integration of flexible shipping, easy checkouts and guest registrations. These changes were taken into action soon after surveys confirmed that 28% customers abandoned carts due to unexpected shipping costs, 23% refused to register and 12% had trouble making their final moves during the checkout process.

Merchants have also sought through with the shipping cost debacle by introducing free shipping for special amount of shopping after learning that 24% shoppers will spend more to become qualified for this benefit.

Customers have also shown quite the appeal to online reviews as finding indicate 55% customers consult these reappraisals before spending their cash on online products. As far as social media goes, Facebook seems to dominate it by every corner. 25% of online shoppers have claimed that their shopping decisions were a result of Facebook marketing as it gets the leading conversion percentage of 1.85 from its traffic globally. Read More

Image Optimization Tips and Tricks

The speed of your website is very important; make a website speedy and you’ll get a reader who sticks around and online seller who sells more. The website speed enhancement is not about a button to press and voila! It’s complex but main speed monitoring tools like Pingdom or GTMetrix agreed on the fact that the heavy resource to load are usually images.

Here’s a shortlist that you may consider when building or updating a website.

To begin with

Adapt the image size to fit your content

Display image at its natural size, do not use HTML resize. A scaled image is an image that has been scaled to match the size that it is displayed. It happens usually when you’re using a WYSIWYG editor and you use handles to resize an image.

Seems basic but it can generate a lot of impact regarding loading time. Experienced webdesigner knows this fact, it is less clear in the case of final clients that update content every day.


Image size and screen resolution

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Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday: 5 Days of Shopping Fever!

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