12 Collections of Blurred Backgrounds Every Web Designer Must Have on Hand

Blurred effect for a background is rather popular recently. And it’s not surprising: this style is totally neutral and therefore it’s indeed suitable for any theme. In addition to that, in spite of its simplicity, blurred pictures look quite elegant and pretty, which is a big advantage for a web design.

Today I’d like to share with 12 packs of blurred backgrounds. They are all free, so you just need to choose a collection you like, click a link and download a file. By the way, the examples can be used not only in web design, but also in app development, presentations, infographic and anywhere the neutral background would be suitable.

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10 Natural Blurred Background

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Wegraphics Blurred Backgrounds

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Need Logo for Your Company? Entrust the Mission to the Reputed Partner

Every smart businessman understands how important logo is for the company. A decent logo is not a set of simple lines, fonts and images, but a recognizable trademark, which will be present in company corporate style for 10 or even 15 years. Customers will identify your products or services among thousands of similar offers by these graphic symbols available for the purpose.

LogoBee Review

If you consciously approach to logo design, it’s surely better to deal with professionals. Today, we would like to make a brief survey of LogoBee Company, an award-winning expert with 13 years of experience in logo design services. Their website gives you comprehensive information on the company and its services. Logo samples gallery features finished projects together with interesting comments on selected design concepts. Actually, there are several galleries on site, as LogoBee has achieved recognition in stationery, graphic and web design as well.

Apart from paid services, the website offers free templates and tutorials from team professionals.

So, what is it like to work with LogoBee? All steps of cooperation are minutely described in process menu tab. Let’s throw a quick glance on their main peculiarities.

LogoBee Review

First of all, it is recommended to choose a pricing package suitable for your particular needs. There are four of them, plus one bundle offer. In case you feel confused, friendly website support service is always ready to help. When the choice is done, you can make payment in real time by credit card or using PayPal. All prices are stated in US dollars, no hidden fees or other “surprises” are waiting for you.

Immediately after the payment is received, the work on your unique logo design begins. From 2 to 4 professional web designers will be involved into the project development. In 2 – 5 business days you will have the ability to see from 6 to 8 options of the initial logo designs. The Next move is yours – select the final logo design or insert necessary corrections. Minor amendments usually take one business day.

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The Role of Images in Website Design – Powerful Imagery Fuels Strong Emotions

Images as a design element have never been given the importance they truly deserve and now that we are entering an era of responsive web design, images are increasingly being seen as design elements that offer diminishing returns. They are like those guests who attend a party but were never invited in the first place.

That’s a real shame because images have always stood the test of time; but the fact that plenty of designers saw them purely as decorative elements with no real purpose whatsoever meant that the talk about images more often than not, centers on ‘how good they look”, and not ‘how they play an important role in website design’.

It’s important not to blame ‘images’ for their incorrect use by web designers. The truth is that images are as important today, in the scheme of things, as they were earlier. Today, a business’s online presence is only considered successful, if it’s profitable. This profitability is a result of buyers making a decision to buy the business’s products or services; and this buying decision is usually an emotional one.
So, what we can infer is that successful websites shouldn’t just be aesthetically or functionally sound, but must alsoproject the right emotions. And if you are to pick one design element that can help you build emotion into your websites, it’s an ‘image’.

Image Psychology

Right since the time we are born, images play an important role in how we assimilate information and understand how the world around us works. In fact, very early on in our lives, we are able to interpret the emotions behind images. For e.g. a baby cannot understand words spoken in anger, but an angry facial expression tells the baby all there is to know. As we grow older our emotional response to images become well entrenched and our mind becomes equipped with a set of predictable responses to particular images. What we feel when we see a particular image, is not a sudden realization, but an outcome of what we have kept learning since infancy. It’s almost like an indoctrination of sorts.

Take a look at this image:

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Free Website Template – The Newest Theme for Restaurant Site

Hey guys! We’re glad to share with you a bundle of joy – the fresh freebie from TemplateMonster’s guys who know a thing about design. If you need the process of site creation come smoothly, this off-the-peg Free Website Template for restaurant business is just for you.

The idea of each restaurant website is to charm the viewers with the yummy photos, and thus turn them into the visitors of the existing place. The design should look tasty, and this is what you get within the following theme. The sappy green color creates a positive tone and invites the visitors to the site. The design is built around the large slider with high-resolution photos. Gallery, featured blocks – all photos are in the focus of attention in this theme. This is how you can make people hungry and become real visitors of the restaurant the site promotes. To see how this site will look like, check out free template live demo.

Free Website Template for Restaurant Site:

To download the whole package of this template, visit the Free Website Template for Restaurant Site download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template.

Download Free Website Template for Restaurant Site with PSD files (25,4MB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:TemplateMonster does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from TemplateMonster. Our free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.

Google + SkyFont = Easy Download Google Fonts

It’s obvious typography is a rather important element in web designing. Therefore both newbies and pros are eager to ease the work with fonts. The best solution here is to combine the font managing with finding new typography. So, the company that follows that statement and develops itself in such way is certainly worth of attention from the web designer community.

Recently Google presented a remarkable option for download of Google Fonts to your desktop for offline access. This allows you not only operate with fonts within Windows and Mac OS systems without any need for internet connection, but also speed up processing websites with web fonts, because your browser wouldn’t require time to read font data. Anyway, it’s just a tip of the iceberg.

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Web Fashion. Color Trends of 2013 – Choose the Right Hue to Slap Up Your Website

What do you think about fashion? Is it important for you to be in the stream? Even if you are indifferent to fickle trends, it’s impossible to keep out completely as fashion is just a reflection of transient life and our new requirements emerging from the new conditions.

The same situation is observed in web design. In the beginning of each year, analysts from all over the world make their predictions as to the coming trends. These projections are based on the analysis of multiple points influencing web development.

Today we would like to dwell on color palette, considered trendy for 2013 web design. With general tendency towards clean, flat, minimalistic designs focused on content, colors gain special significance as means of attraction, expression and motivation. Later on, you will be able to get a detailed notion of colors in vogue from the articles compiled for the purpose herein under.

In the meantime, let’s overview some of the main color trends characteristic for the current 2013 year.

First of all, it’s interesting to know the opinion of the world’s leading color authority. Yes, you are right; we are talking about Pantone now. Pantone Color Institute is recognized throughout the world as a color research and information expert, sharing its knowledge with professionals in fashion, commercial/industrial, contract and interior design, graphic arts, advertising, film, education and many other industries. According to Pantone, 17-5641 Emerald is the color of 2013 year.

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

Web Design Color Trends of 2013

Having studied other sources, we can state that color trends are rather diverse this year. Bright and neon accents refresh the grayscale designs and prevent them from being gloomy. Soft pastel hues create clean stylish atmosphere, easy for visitor’s eye. The best thing about new color trends is that they perfectly match modern touch UI concepts helping to convey retro or futuristic mood, highlight important elements and separate content blocks.

Here is a list of colors and methods to use if you want your website look like a fop among average designs:

  • 1. Greyscale with bright accents
  • 2. Muted pastels
  • 3. Neons and brights
  • 4. Color blocking
  • 5. Retro color schemes (oranges, peach or plum tones and dark blues)
  • 6. Monotone colors (base color and two or three tints: blues, grays and greens)
  • 7. Flat colors
  • 8. Desaturated and light colors
  • 9. Whites, grays and blacks as primary colors.

To continue our absorbing fashion chat, let’s have a look at the articles related to the topic.

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2013 Color Trends on the Web

Here the author covers four color trends along with tools helping to tweak them.

Web Design Color Trends of 2013

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Evolution of Commerce Ended in eCommerce. What’s Your Favorite Platform?

Once I questioned myself: why do we need a post? Emails and social media messages totally changed the paper letters. Then, I came to conclusion: actually we need it to ship products ordered in e-stores. This only live function of a post brings to another thought, which consists in importance of web shop for a modern human. Watching the global evolution of postal services roles, I can say – yes, it’s very important.

As you could know, web designer are such people that define and follow new tendencies rather quickly. In our case we can get a plenty of eCommerce platforms. These applications are developed exactly for online stores and include the elements needed to make the websites comfortable for a commercial use. Shopping cart, ordering capabilities and user account are in fact mandatory.

The amount of eCommerce websites has grown comparing to the last year: Alexa Top 1 Million ranking represents the number of 34,864. The permanent leader of the list is Magento – 26% of all eCommerce websites use this platform.

The well-known Zen Cart fell down to the 4th place. That has brought VirtueMart to the second place, though the amount of the websites powered by this platform decreased from 3657 to 3324.

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It’s interesting to make our own statistics and to check the rating from DesignFloat blog visitors. Also, that would give a chance to see an eCommerce platform you like in the TemplateMoster’s inventory in the future.

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Volume Through 2D – Parallax Effect in Web Design

If you don’t know what a parallax is, you are welcome to Wikipedia. There’s a proper definition:

“Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique in computer graphics, wherein background images move by the camera slower than foreground images.”

Why do we need it in web design? Well, you could notice that web pages are made in 2D. That’s a problem a little bit, because we live in 3D world, so internet is not so spectacular for us as the real world. Parallax technique just gives an opportunity to make websites more alive and interactive: everything is for a user’s presence effect.

First used in old console 2D games, parallax scrolling recently gained a spreading in web design. That’s why – enough words, let’s take a look on live examples of parallax scrolling in web design websites.

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inTacto 10 Years

Parallax in Web Design

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Manufacture d’Essai

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10 YouTube Cover Designs That Prove Futility of One Channel Layout

YouTube has been growing recent years and definitely continue growing. Television is loosing ground, the web gains wider audience, therefore more and more shows move to YouTube. It’s naturally that Google, an owner company, wants to commercialize the website: for example, it was recently claimed about creating of YouTube TV.

The other popularity is that YouTube is available for everyone unlike the TV. And you know, there are a lot of authors of original video content – smartphone era gave a chance to be an operator for everyone. Promotion potential is surely great: any company with a competent marketing team has a channel on YouTube. And if we’re talking about promotion, not only videos should be high quality, but also the way they presented must be remarkable. That means cool design for channels. So, welcome – the 10 best YouTube cover designs.

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Best Youtube Designs

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Nike Football

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IMcreator Website Building Tool – a Competitor of Web Designers #1

It’s often enough that ideas become dead just because a creator has no tools to implement it in the proper extent. Nowadays internet is especially actual serving as a megaphone of our information society. Moreover, web actively acquires the features of autonomous sphere, which in fact is shorted on itself. And if a decade or two ago the website building was a field for “chosen ones”, a small group of programmers, today the web development becomes more and more available for people without special technical education.

I believe the noticeable tool, which really makes a contribution in this simplification process, is imcreator.com. Once I met this resource recently, I was pretty surprised: it gives an opportunity to create a suitable website design online. The tool is based on professional free templates, which are very flexible for editing by a user: the operations may vary from managing pages up to improving SEO block.

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