12 Key Elements for a Perfect Landing Page That Converts

You’re getting a lot of visitors to reach your landing page, but you’re just not making enough sales. What could be the reason for this? It’s highly likely that the page design isn’t compelling enough to convert people into paying customers. It’s a difficult task to come up with a landing page that converts, so many businesses falter here.

How exactly do you create a landing page that converts? The key is to understand the important elements of landing pages and implement them to your own website. In this article, I’ll review the 12 essential elements you should add to your landing page to achieve more conversions.

1. Powerful headline

The headline is the first thing visitors will notice about your landing page. Therefore, you need to make it as compelling and persuasive as possible. The goal is to spark interest and grab your visitors’ attention while informing them about your company’s product or service.For a landing page that converts, it’s important that the headline matches what the visitor has clicked on to see that page. Headlines should confirm that visitors are in the right place. Try to go for short headlines with fewer than 20 words to immediately get readers interested.

There are various ways to write a powerful headline, but the key is to be clear and direct. Talk about something your customers would want, such as better conversions or more subscribers. You can also ask questions or create urgency to convince people. The following Quicksprout headline is short and straight to the point. It tells visitors what exactly what they can get from them, which is better content.

2 . Supportive sub-headline

While the headline is where you get visitors to look, the sub-headline is where you get them to stay. A supportive sub-headline allows you to provide a bit more detailed explanation than the headline. You can use it to finish what you started with the main headline. Make sure it has some element of persuasiveness for a landing page that converts.For instance, you can frame your headline in the form of a question, then offer an answer in the sub-headline. Notice how the landing page for Reputation.com uses this tactic.

3. Relevant HD images

The Current Health Sciences Journal published a report showing that visuals tend to be the most effective learning method for people. Consequently, a landing page that converts will likely contain high-quality images of your product or service. Upload visuals that instantly grab visitors’ attention and stir curiosity.

The Slack landing page above has vivid images relevant to their headline. You could also add a video showing your product or service in action. This can be an effective move, especially if you’re selling an online service or physical product. In fact, 64% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a related video online.

4. User-oriented explanation

People will only click buy after they’ve gained a thorough understanding of the product or service. Give them a clear and concise explanation of what your product does. For a landing page that converts, list specific benefits customers can reap. For example, instead of saying “We create apps,” you could write something like “Get a mobile app that enhances customer experience.” The image below shows how ReputationDefender.com gives an explanation of their product in a user-oriented manner.

5. Detailed description

Some visitors may want to find out more about the product or service and its benefits beyond what you’ve outlined earlier. For a perfect landing page that converts, expand on the benefits you’ve highlighted in your product explanation. You can then add some additional features if necessary.

The above image depicts how Amazon.com explains the features and benefits of their products in a detailed manner. To make the description more compelling, you can include relevant imagery supporting the features. Perhaps you could add screenshots or use icons representing the features where applicable.

6. Prominent display of product/service value

Once you grasp your visitors’ attention, it’s time to highlight the value of your product or service. A landing page that converts will clearly display why customers should buy. Here’s where you let visitors know what’s in it for them. Make certain this section is easy to scan and understand with bullet points for each benefit.Your benefit statement should be user-oriented and address the problems people face in their daily lives or when doing a certain task. For instance, don’t just write that your company’s dishwashers “clean dishes quickly and efficiently.” It would be much more persuasive if you say the dishwashers “save you hours by doing the dishes for you.”
In the image below, CrazyEgg gives a clear and succinct list of their service’s values in a user-oriented manner.

7. Social proof/testimonials

Building trust with visitors is an important step in converting them into paying customers. Displaying social proof is a powerful and persuasive way to earn the trust of your potential customers. They’re more likely to trust the opinion of existing customers than company employees. For a landing page that converts, add honest testimonials from actual customers, including their pictures and real data.Highrise provides a popular and excellent example of how testimonials have been used on a landing page. Check it out in the following image:

8. Guarantee statement

For a landing page that converts, you need to reduce consumer anxiety by writing a strong guarantee statement. This is where you address the other objections your potential customers might have. There are many forms of guarantee, so choose the one that best fits your business and works for your target audience.AlgoSec has a “money back guarantee” stamp to give customers peace of mind. They further alleviate fears with the “since 2005” statement. This clearly shows that the company has been living up to their promise for years.

9. The pain and pleasure element

Making a landing page that converts involves having a pain and pleasure element. Your page needs to communicate both what customers will gain and what they’ll lose. The goal is to get visitors thinking about their pains or headaches. Then they’ll subconsciously look for ways to relieve it.

The landing page for Bruno Smart Can has applied this pain and pleasure element effectively. They’re providing relief for issues like dirty floors, dustpans, and bending to clean up the floor. Maybe you could also implement these references in the testimonials or other parts of your landing page content. Whatever you do, make certain you’re provide relief for consumers’ pain. Always conclude with a solution to their problems.

10. Compelling call-to-action

What do you want visitors to do after they read your landing page? Should they just leave and check out your competitor’s site? A landing page that converts has a call-to-action that convinces visitors to perform an action. Whether you want them to purchase, sign up, download, or request a demo, add a powerful CTA.The landing page for Evernote is simple, but it has a prominent CTA button. It tells users exactly what they need to do, which is sign up. Keep in mind it might be a good idea to repeat your call-to-action a few times if your landing page is long.

11. Contact Information

Providing contact information on your landing page is another way to prove your legitimacy. When visitors have doubts about your product or service, can they easily reach you to address them? A perfect landing page that converts may even provide multiple contact methods in addition to a phone number.You could also add an interactive chat box on your landing page. This will help you easily and quickly address any issues visitors might be facing. However, this isn’t essential because the goal is to assure visitors that you’re a real company. Including a physical address with your phone number and email would be ideal.
The following example prominently displays contact information. Along with providing their phone number, Pest-Control.com includes a contact form that visitors can fill in.

12. Your closing argument

When working with longer landing pages, it’s a great idea to add a final statement that backs up your main value proposition. Here you’ll be summarizing the benefits of your product or service and reminding visitors what you’re offering them. If it’s a click-through page, make sure you repeat your call-to-action too.Optimizely has a long landing page that converts by adding a closing argument towards the end. They’re inviting visitors to join leading companies in various industries. They also have another CTA button at the bottom like the one at the top.


There isn’t a failsafe design for creating a landing page that converts. What works for one company may not be the best option for another. However, the key elements mentioned above show what you should and shouldn’t include for your own website. Ensure your design has a logical flow so that it sounds natural and attracts more conversions.

Need more help building a landing page that converts? Let me know in the comments below!

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