14 Common Link Building Faults to Avoid

Backlinks are considered one of the most highly rated aspect of Google’s algorithm to calculate page rankings for a user’s search query. This has placed enormous stress on SEO services to provide webpages services to increase their rankings. They play a central role as rankings factors for Search Engine Result Page (SERP), which elevates their status in deciding webpage success and traffic.

However, there are certain rules when it comes down to link building and overstepping them will result in penalization. Link building campaigns require time, monetary resources and expertise for long term effects and successful implementation.

These 14 link building errors are often committed by even skilled service providers, so be careful when checking the quality of your links and ensure you are not at fault.

1. Both “nofollow” and “dofollow” Backlinks Matter

Google checks if the webpage has both “dofollow” and “nofollow” backlinks to ensure quality user experience. “Nofollow” backlinks do not pass link juice back to your website, meaning only humans can follow through to the link and remains undetected by bots. It is necessary for search engines because it prevents search engine spam, so it also attributes to rankings. “Dofollow” links on the other hand work in the opposite manner, so having both is a sure tactic to increase rankings.

2. Do not use Same Anchor Text

Google interprets anchor text to ascertain the nature of content of the page and where the link leads to. Web solution platforms highly recommends to acquire links with varying anchor texts so the search engine does not confuse it with spamming.

 3. Avoid Image Links

Image links lack anchor text, so even if the visitor ends up clicking on them, Google will not register it at all. Although they may seem flashy, they are useless in terms of SEO, so avoid them if you are looking towards boosting rankings.

4. Include Keywords in <ALT> Tag

In certain cases, using visual image as link is the only option. In such cases, include keywords in the ALT Tag so you may benefit from some level of SEO.

5. Build Links from Reputable Sites

It’s the quality, not the quantity that matters in link building. Always check the reputation and quality of the site from which you are building links as it is a direct reflection of your own standards. With multiple disreputable links even in quantity, Google will flag it as spam and erase you from its searches.

 6. Build Links from Dedicated Pages

Do not choose to build links from pages which are already saturated. Opt for pages which feature unique, original content and have high quality standards. This way, your own reputation through association will rise for higher rankings.

7. Let the Spiders Crawl

Certain pages such as dynamic pages disallow spiders from crawling. They render your link useless in terms of SEO perspective because even though the link might be functional and the visitors will be clicking on it, the search engine will fail to register it.

 8. Do not Purchase Links

Link purchasing is a very risky business and eventually causes downfall of even a webpage with a strong stream of visitors. Webmasters look towards buying links to swiftly acquire links, which in reality is a process which takes time and patience. This often backfires with the page getting removes from Google searches.

9. Check Status of Linked Sites

It happens more than often that the sites you have linked to undergo changes in its structure and content, which directly affects you due to linking. Check from time to time the destination of your outbound links to screen out any unwanted hosts who might be damaging your reputation.

10. Stay Relevant to Your Field

Instead of generating backlinks randomly from every possible source, stay focused on the ones relevant to your field. Not only are irrelevant backlinks less likely to generate traffic, but also have less weightage on Google.

11. Don’t Rush Link Building

Instead of building links as fast as possible, take your time because Google might flag it as a link farm scam, despite their authenticity. This in turn will lead to your site getting blacklisted from result pages and such backlinks created in hurry often lack quality. Take your time when creating backlinks to retain a clean slate with Google to avoid any issues.

12. Don’t Just Stick with High PR Sites

Don’t exclusively target high PR sites since it might seem your backlinks are shady as Google will strictly monitor the standards of any webpage with such activity. Having a mix of different PR sites aids in developing a natural webpage history and keeps the wrath of Google at bay.

13. Expecting High Quality Backlinks from Low Quality Content

Take a look at the content you are offering,step into the shoes of the webmaster and evaluate whether you would provide backlinks for it. If the content you are offering is lacking in quality then there is room for improvements before you start requesting backlinks for it. Even if you manage to secure a few links, they will prove to be ineffective in directing traffic since the visitors will find your content unhelpful and abandon page.

14. Pay Attention to Social Media

Link building is all about being relevant to your niche, generating high quality content which resolves visitor queries and advertising yourself. Use your social media platform to market your webpage and generate visitors from which you will be able to identify contacts who will provide backlinks. However, take care about the content you provide since minor mistakes may erase the confidence your audience have in you.

Link Building the Right Way

Link building is a task which requires utmost dedication for quality and patience for the backlinks to be created over a timespan. Although it may take time, link building forms a core factor of SERP rankings, so investing in them is a sure shot to stay ahead of competition. Stay on the safe side by avoiding these 14 SEO link building errors to keep your site secure and your rankings stable.

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