Agnes Cecile Paintings: Disturbing Senses Fantastic in Subject

If you want to see some hauntingly real paintings that are being composed of bittersweet emotions and draw the viewer into a complex, disturbing senses, then explore the artworks of a Roman painter Agnes Cecile. Agnes employs so much tension-filled movement and texture to express the emotions attached to each of her paintings. There is a whole visual storytelling – you contemplate her abstractly monochromatic or colorful watercolor pictures and can fully capture the essence that lies in them. The feelings are simply spread on the body of the canvas. Now we introduce our favored picks that render Agnes’ spontaneous and instinctive imagery.

Quiet Zone

Quiet Zone.

The Noise of The Sea

The Noise of The Sea.

Fine On The Outside

Fine On The Outside.

Nature Sunrise

Nature Sunrise.

The Garden Inside

The Garden Inside.

La Nostra Infinita Abnegazione

La Nostra Infinita Abnegazione.

Green Care

Green Care.

Non Parlarne Mai

Non Parlarne Mai.

Intimacy on Display

Intimacy on Display.

Take off in Flight

Take off in Flight.

Big Bang in Watercolor on Sheet Music

Big Bang in Watercolor on Sheet Music.

Drawing Restraint

Drawing Restraint.



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  • Agurlinga03
    June 17, 2012

    what do you look at when you draw/paint your subjects? are these portraits?

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