Routine Becomes Miracle: Carl Warner’s Foodscapes and Otherscapes.

Routine Becomes Miracle: Carl Warner’s Foodscapes and Otherscapes

The article review Carl Warner’s advertising art of foodscapes and otherscapes.

Fantastic Round-up of Stereoscopic 3D Anaglyphs.

Fantastic Round-up of Stereoscopic 3D Anaglyphs

Reveal an awesome round-up of red-cyan 3D images that appear three-dimensional when viewed through anaglyph glasses.

Agnes Cecile Paintings: Disturbing Senses Fantastic in Subject.

Agnes Cecile Paintings: Disturbing Senses Fantastic in Subject

If you want to see some hauntingly real paintings that are being composed of bittersweet emotions and draw the viewer into a complex, disturbing senses, then explore the artworks of a Roman painter Agnes Cecile. Agnes employs so much tension-filled movement and texture to express the emotions attached to each of her paintings. There is […]

Contrast Color Schemes in Website Designs.

The Art of Contrast – Clashing Color Schemes in Website Designs

What catches your eye first when you are opening the website? Of course impressive design in which color contrast plays one of the main parts. Contrast is the secret spice which gives your web project the special touch of uniqueness and individuality. But color contrast is not just the designer tip, it’s also an important […]


Oldschool Tattoos: History, Examples, Symbolism, New Ways of Usage

Oldschool tattoo, its history and symbolism. The article contains live examples of modern oldschool tattoos and shows the uncommon non-tattoo of using oldschool style.

Essential Elements of Exhibition Design.

7 Essential Elements of Exhibition Design

If you are going to present your company, its products and services at the international or local exhibition, read these 7 rules. Believe us, they are essential for your success.

Creative QR Code Designs.

Creative QR Code Designs That Bring Visual Pleasure

In this roundup we prepared for you amazing showcase of the most creative and impressive QR codes which presented in different designs and styles.

The Showcase of Visually Enticing Infographics.

The Showcase of Visually Enticing Infographics

When a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s totally about an infographic – so popular and effective types of graphic design to compose otherwise boring information into lively, colorful, and even educational structure. As an excellent visual tool, infographic eases the process of communicating conceptual information and allows us to convert data, statistics and […]


Creative Hang Tags with Exclusively Crafted Styles

Have you ever thought about how a product can show a commitment to quality? Most likely, an elegantly printed hang tag plays an important role in here to make product line look more professional. Apart from pointing out some critical information like product specifics, some care instructions, prices or whatever else, they add to the […]

Mudcube Color Sphere

How to Choose the Best Color Scheme?

It’s difficult to overestimate the significance of colors in web design. This blog post features the best (from the point of its author) and the most handy tools that will help you achieve perfection in your color choice. In fact, these tools are aimed to marry your personal requirements with ideal color schemes.