Weekly Roundup #3 – Enjoy

Well another week has gone and we are here to show your best stuff that have been submitted to Design Float. This week has less posts about typography and different tutorials but it doesn’t mean that we haven’t found nothing interesting for you. Category Graphic Design has really remarkable entry – Stunning Showcase of Various […]

The Dance of Fire – Stunning Contemporary Fireplaces.

The fireplace brings harmony and beauty to your home. It is ideal for creating the romantic and cosy atmosphere for the whole family. Even when you are alone this evening, the wonderful flames will set the relaxing and inspiring mood. This is the place where you can linger with great pleasure and dream. Contemporary fireplaces […]

Weekly Roundup #2 – Smile;)

This week’s round-up is little bit humorous because we got few great posts that are aimed to show funny aspects of web design. We believe that such attitude is great because great mood is the cornerstone of creative and efficient work. So let’s start! “50 Photoshop Disasters that will make you say OMG!” from richworks.in is the […]

Weekly Roundup #1 – Best Design Float Posts

We thought that it would be great to start a tradition by summing up every week on Desig Float with the help of short roundup of best posts on DF. This is our first try so please be patient and don’t judge us too hard. So, here we go. 10+ Tools to Determine Your Website’s […]

Elephant Ads: Wise and Big

If you would ask a child what he knows about elephant, the answer would be: the elephant is big, the elephant is wise, it can be seen in the zoo. For the grown-ups I would only ad that the elephant also associates with nature protection. All the ads below are based on these several simple […]

Spice up your Gmail: Themes from Google!

Google Mail has been my favorite mailbox one for the last 6 years. Mostly because it was pretty intriguing at the very beginning that you couldn’t register but should have been invited only and because it was the first provider offering the hugest space in you maibox for free and this space is constantly growing. […]

Chocolate Ads: Fun and Smart

Chocolate is a sweet thing, loved by children and grown-ups. We’ve prepared a nice collection of ads related to chocolate in this or that way. Most of the ads are for the chocolate actually, the rest use the concept of the chocolate as a sweet thing that we all love. Enjoy! Masterfoods Bounty Chocolate: Back […]

Be Creative:Be Stylish:Be Green

Holding a plate in one’s hands, its form, texture, ans case of use make the heart skip. It naturally elicits people’s smiles. WASARA is such a series of paper tableware.

Non Branded McDonald’s: WTF?

Some facts about food and McDonald’s. – Every day about 25% of Americans have launch or dinner in the fast food restaurants. – Every year McDonald’s hires 1 million people. -В McDonald’s gives job to teenagers. – Every week an average American eats 3 hamburgers and 4 fries. – Every eights person working in US was […]

Modern Matryoshka Design

All of us might be more or less acquainted with the Russian Matryoshka, initially the toy invented at the end of the 19th century for the children and presently one of the popular traditional Russian souvenirs. First Matryoshkas were featuring Russian girls in their folk dresses ( there were no dolls in Russia at that […]