Best Concept Car Designs from the Fabulous 50’s. Part II.

Vintage car concepts have become rather popular today and that’s why we continue the series about retro cars from the fabulous 50’s. Today’s collection features the stunning items from that period that will take your breath away. These stunning vehicles were designed as futuristic examples of the car manufacture and gained the vast popularity because […]

Weekly Roundup #7 – TGIF

Yep, as always on Fridays we are here to offer you small piece of all that interesting stuff that was submitted here on To tell you the truth it is not so easy to choose among all those awesome posts really interesting one but we do our best for you. So let’s go! […]

Weekly Roundup#6 – Stay Fresh!

Hey guys! Today is Friday and it means that it is time for our small Weekly round-up on Design Float Blog. We want to thank you all for your support – we really appreciate that. Today’s post is quite unusual because we have gathered most inspirational and useful entries from design Float. posted their vision of […]

10 Most Attractive Female Characters from Cartoons

Do you love cartoons? We are sure you do. It is one of the best parts of our childhood – just watching “Transformers” or some crazy TV series from Nickelodeon for countless hours. Of course everyone has their own favorite characters and episodes. Our collection mostly consists of those good old legendary cartoons from the […]

Weekly Roundup #5 – Be creative!

Welcome our #5 Weekly Roundup – as always you’ll find here some interesting posts that were submitted to our website and we thought that they are worth to be read. Despite that variety and flexibility of our topics we can tell you that there not so many posts about Identity and Branding, Industrial design and […]

Latte Art – Charming Coffee Designs

Latte Art is a trend that has become popular several years ago. The secret is simple – you have to stir espresso and steamed milk creating charming surface pattern or even design. Coffee foam art requires great skills but results are truly awesome. Today there are few international Latte Art contests where best artists (each […]

Weekly Roundup #4 – Only Cool Stuff!

Alright, it’s time for a weekly roundup and we want to share with you the creative stuff that we have found during this week. As usual, there were a number of cool posts for various tastes in different categories, but we tried to focus our attention only on the most interesting. So, welcome this Friday […]

Weekly Roundup #3 – Enjoy

Well another week has gone and we are here to show your best stuff that have been submitted to Design Float. This week has less posts about typography and different tutorials but it doesn’t mean that we haven’t found nothing interesting for you. Category Graphic Design has really remarkable entry – Stunning Showcase of Various […]

The Dance of Fire – Stunning Contemporary Fireplaces.

The fireplace brings harmony and beauty to your home. It is ideal for creating the romantic and cosy atmosphere for the whole family. Even when you are alone this evening, the wonderful flames will set the relaxing and inspiring mood. This is the place where you can linger with great pleasure and dream. Contemporary fireplaces […]

Weekly Roundup #2 – Smile;)

This week’s round-up is little bit humorous because we got few great posts that are aimed to show funny aspects of web design. We believe that such attitude is great because great mood is the cornerstone of creative and efficient work. So let’s start! “50 Photoshop Disasters that will make you say OMG!” from is the […]