Free Joomla Architecture Template

Joomla Foundation for Architecture Site

Joomla Foundation for Architecture Site! Free Theme – a perfect fit for the variety of sites that deal with architecture.

Free Travel Template

Joomla Powered Free Travel Template

Choose the ultimate balance of effective design and maximum flexibility with Free Joomla Travel Template to stand out among a number of others!

Free Joomla Fashion Template

Free Joomla Fashion Template

Present your business ideas nicely with this high-grade Free Joomla Fashion Template!

Free Logo Design Elements to Work Out Your Brand Identity

Each more or less respected company starts with a logo. It’s very surprising how a few graphic strokes influence the company’s image and marketing strategy. The approach to logo design should be extremely thorough as later on, it will be printed on all promotional items, from business cards to packaging. Logos can look like a […]

40 Unique Map and Navigation Icons – Exclusive Freebie

You don’t want to get lost, do you? Especially if you really have to be somewhere important. That’s why, our friends at Vecteezy put together another amazing freebie to help you navigate smoothly: 40 Map and Navigation Icons. This great freebie package will not let you get lost in the web design world!

3 Free Design Software Alternatives for Beginners

The price of software alone is enough to deter you from pursuing a career in the digital media field, with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop running as high as 700$ each. But fear not, there are powerful alternatives to get you up and running, and they’re all free. GIMP Let’s face it; Photoshop isn’t the easiest […]

Free HTML5 Theme for Beauty Site in Radiant Orchid – Color of the Year

Your trendy choice for your trendy beauty website. Get Free HTML5 Theme for Spa Salon and dress your project up.

Don’t Disturb Yourself with Googling: the Prettiest Free Blurry Background Textures

The article represents the most attractive free blurry background textures.

Learn to Draw Zingy Icons in Adobe Illustrator… It’s Fun and Easy with This Set of Tutorials

Want to learn how to create stylish, unique icons in Adobe Illustrator? This blog post contains exactly what you need: a set of icon design Adobe Illustrator tutorials.

Set up Your Charity Project with Free Responsive HTML5 Template

Open your heart this Christmas. Set up a site for charity organization with a ready-made Free Responsive HTML5 Theme.