Early Drupal 7 vs. Drupal 8

Drupal is a powerful content management system that has been dominating with its enhanced functionality over some other platforms. Its incredibly rich features attract numerous web developers: i.e. performance, usability factor and scalability. It grabs the attention of users across the globe. The latest version of Drupal has come up with some new and enhanced features than the previous one. In this article you will find a complete differentiation between previous version of Drupal 7 and new expected features of Drupal 8.

Let’s firstly discuss the previous version of Drupal, the 7th one.

Reasons for choosing Drupal 7

Less number of Modules

Software engineers who worked on the previous version know that it has hundreds of modules that make it complicated for the web developers to increase the caching speed for a website. Drupal 7 possesses a lesser amount of module downloads which helps in resizing the image and the aspect ratios of the video libraries to any promising size.

User Friendly Interface

Software engineers who had ever used Drupal 7 will admit that the platform is quite user friendly. It has various options to modify the website at any stage of development. Many tasks can be performed by quick shortcuts which are admired by the software engineers very much. Actually, namely quick shortcuts make Drupal 7 so unique.

Website Development

A large and rapidly growing group of people works on developing Drupal, supports its usage and is very passionate about its improvement. Drupal possesses a framework that developers can use to quickly create custom functionality. The users of this version can make complex websites very easily.

Expected Features of Drupal 8

Multi-Language Support

Previous versions of Drupal were not compatible with different programming languages. But the new release will have tremendous multilingual capabilities. New release will also be compatible with Google translator.


The new release has all most important coding extensions, which help to manage the website. The new version of the most popular content management system (CMS) is expected to have an enhanced version of HTML 5.

Fast & Furious Framework

The new release is expected to have an extraordinary speed for directory uploading. Remarkable framework in this new release will provide very smooth transitioning effects to the websites. This new version also has a phenomenal speed in storage. Several enhanced drop down menus and speedy transitions to web pages will also be available in Drupal 8.

Drupal content management systems/solutions (CMS) are very advanced in comparison with other content management systems because of such factors as reliability and usability. A huge number of content management applications are made in Drupal. Drupal 8 makes a lot of use of Object Oriented Design Patterns and almost all coding from Drupal 7 has been converted to OOP. Drupal 8 has a lot more modules enabled by default which causes performance regression.

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