The Arrow of Time is Never Frozen. Seth Taras Proves It with “Know Where You Stand” Campaign

The history is being created right now. Don’t you feel it? Every moment is inevitably sliding from your view becoming past. The future abruptly transforms into presents. Then, present goes to past. In few sentences I gave you obvious arrow of. In such human civilization is developing. Every moment is important being a link in the history continuity. However people often forget about this simple truth.

And some artist are definitely annoyed with that negligence. I assume that Seth Taras is one of them. Not so long ago this awarded photographer made a set of works that surely prove my assumption.

Mr. Taras took photos of some special places. Actually, historical places, where important events of past occurred. For example, the location in New Jersey, where Hindenburg blimp crushed in 1937. And the creative idea of the author was to combine the old photos with modern peaceful ones. The works were aimed for History channel campaign called “Know Where You Stand”. The result you can see below.

* * *

Hindenburg was a German blimp. It accidentally crushed at the very end race from Germany to USA, in Lakehurst, New Jersey, on May 6, 1937.

* * *

Long ago there was wall dividing Berlin into two parts: the capitalist area and the communist one. The wall was destroyed in 1989 from the commie side.

* * *

The landing of the American troops in Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, Normandy, is so peaceful together with a pair of mom and daughter walking the beach.

* * *

Oh no! It’s Hitler! He will eat your brain and drink your blood!
By the way, the place is the terrace of the Palais de Chaillot, Paris. The photo shows the correlation of 1940 and modern times.

* * *

I believe these photoworks are a great example of art showing interrelation of everything – within the dimension of time as well. The name “Know Where You Stand” definitely confirms the thesis. And you can’t refuse the fact this way to grasp the unity of past and present is much easier then studying quantum mechanics for years. Let’s tell Seth Taras “thank you” for that. I mean it – you can do it in the comments.

About the author:

Art Rivera: Deeply interested in everything connected with Internet, I sincerely suppose the web is the only future reality for the humanity through its inevitable involving into every part of human life. I’m not a great fan of cyberpunk concept, but the world is keeping that certain direction of total connectedness. And of course there should be someone, who can write the history, who would describe and analyze and enter in the record all notable changes and tendencies on the web. Hello, it’s me.

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  • Frank Burns
    December 1, 2013

    Know Where You Stand: I became self-made as a homeless man on the streets of Perth(WA) in 2011 and even at that disadvantaged level, I got an editorial in the_west newspaper, based on an old photograph which won second prize before Queen Mother in 1917 at the Empire Exhibition in London.

    Knowing full too well my marketing skills were limited and the historical value of this photo, I recently signed a “Deed Of Gift”, and the photo is now housed in an airconditioned safe within the library at UWA.

    My late wife Sylvia was just 12 years of age when she and her father went to King’s Park to take the photo, looking down the escarpment towards the early settlement of South Perth. So in many ways, knowing where you stand is but a mere reflection of others who have stood in the same place before us.

    Thank you for providing a comment area where I could share my story. Frank Burns

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