10 Church Modules to Install on Drupal Site

The times, when the church was associated with something outdated, passed. Now priests use all the benefits of the modern civilization – in the name of Jesus. It also concerns such its considerable part as the internet. It’s quite easy to gather the church community through the web.

Of course, in this case we have a problem of building a good site. The bad one will just compromise the God’s web-reputation: it’s better not to do the website, than to do it carelessly. We don’t need to be a professional programmer to build a website, there a lot of opportunities to use the ready platforms. One of the best is Drupal. I offer you check 10 Drupal Church Modules.

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A user shouldn’t think of the website-s speed – it’s a UX rule for the entire web. Actually, Users can get very frustrated if the pages are loading slowly. Your church website is not an exception, so use Boost module to speed it up. Your community would get a great experience of fast functionality.

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Full Calendar

Church is a very active organization. It can carry out a lot of activities. This Full Calendar is the best calendar module for Drupal and it will give you an opportunity to make your community to be always informed of all the occasions.

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This module is compatible with the previous one and also will give the benefits in representing events.

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Bible Field

Bible Field is a great tool to present parts from the Bible. It’s actually a CCK field allowing to select a range of a book scriptures. So, you can outline some verses and chapter, you want to share with your community. The technique is very useful, when you want to prepare people for the theme of your future sermon.

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Share This

Social media are almost everything for the site’s promotion. It’s definitely the most truthful way, because people share by themselves exactly what they need. So, it’s also a good indicator of your information usefulness. Share This is the best social share module – be sure to install it.

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Draggable Views

Draggable Views give you a benefit of using drag-and-drop technology to reorder the layout on your website. And I don’t mean most priest are not web developer, just saying how the module can ease the site managing.

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Just a scheduler. If you like or need to preload the content, this module is exactly what you need. It will schedule the posts on the date they need to be published.

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Custom Search

With Custom Search module you’ll be able to customize the searchable content. For example, you can adjust the search to find the sermons only.

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RefTagger turns all the Scripture references on the site into tooltips with the verses inside. This JavaScript Framework makes everything automatically, so you just need to launch and adjust it on your Drupal website.

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Since your church community have their handheld devices to view your site, this module installation is mandatory. It makes all the audio and video content playable on smartphones and tablets.

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Just want to tell you, that the listed modules are for Drupal 7, so they can be incompatible with earlier or later versions. God bless you!

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