Ecommerce Trends & Statistics [Infographic]

With each year passing new trends have surfaced that are taking the ecommerce industry by storm. Customer behaviors and preferences have shown that merchants are eager to make changes on their ecommerce websites following the statistics acquired from the latest research.

These finding have urged merchants to incorporate new policies and develop strategies to win sales and further learn from the online buyer in every aspect. This has given store owners the advantage of fueling themselves for the long haul and getting their sales done in the most efficient means possible.

It’s only a matter of time when the ecommerce industry starts devising new plans to adapt to the evolving trends of the new age of internet. Merchants have commenced the integration of flexible shipping, easy checkouts and guest registrations. These changes were taken into action soon after surveys confirmed that 28% customers abandoned carts due to unexpected shipping costs, 23% refused to register and 12% had trouble making their final moves during the checkout process.

Merchants have also sought through with the shipping cost debacle by introducing free shipping for special amount of shopping after learning that 24% shoppers will spend more to become qualified for this benefit.

Customers have also shown quite the appeal to online reviews as finding indicate 55% customers consult these reappraisals before spending their cash on online products. As far as social media goes, Facebook seems to dominate it by every corner. 25% of online shoppers have claimed that their shopping decisions were a result of Facebook marketing as it gets the leading conversion percentage of 1.85 from its traffic globally.


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