Have You Been Good This Year? Then… Unwrap Your Present!

…“Step into Christmas, let’s join together
We can watch the snow fall forever and ever
Eat, drink and be merry come along with me
Step into Christmas, the admission’s free”…

(Step into Christmas by Elton John – we decided to begin our post with the words from this song instead of traditional Christmas carol and hope you have nothing against our ploy).

Are you ready to step into Christmas with us? We’ll have a good time, make no doubt about it!

Let’s retreat from rigorous religious connotation of the holiday, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ into Christian World, as we are not sure about the name of God or the numen our readers believe in. Actually, the word Christmas derives from “Christ-Mass”, which means a celebration at the solar solstice of winter for the rebirth of the solar force in matter. Christians call that solar force Christ, Persians – Ormuz or Ahura Mazda, Hindus – Krishna, Egyptians – Osiris, Chinese – Fu Xi, Greeks – Zeus, Jupiter, the Father of the Gods, Aztecs – Quetzalcoatl, in the Germanic Edda, Baldur is the Christ. As you see, each culture has its own name for God and very similar story of his life, miracles he worked and brutal assassination he undertook. Some of them were referred to millions of years before Christ. So, as our traditions and viewpoints are different, we offer to take God not as an individual now, but as an inconceivable cosmic principle of life-giving energy assimilated within our physical, psychic, somatic and spiritual nature, somewhere within our souls.

So what do we celebrate according to this philosophy?

The holiday of Christ Mass is a celebration of the birth of the solar force within us, a feat made possible by living the teachings given by those who already incarnated that force.

But enough with this short historical excursus. We hope you’ve already bought the tickets to your native town? What for? Of course to celebrate the most wonderful, fairy and joyful festival of the year – Christmas, even if your family lives in Australia and you’ll have picnic on the beach with surfing and sunbathing instead of traditional turkey table. We asked you about tickets because from ancient times Christmas was considered a family holiday and it may be a real problem to get to your home town on the 24th of December.

How are you going to celebrate this Christmas? Most likely you are busy with buying presents for your beloved ones, decorating your house with scented candles, glittering lights, huge, thick Christmas tree, etc. It’s a good time to show your love and care to friends and relatives.

In our turn, we couldn’t leave our respected readers without a kind of Christmas present, aimed to raise their holiday spirit. Try to guess what is it? Today it’s a sparkling cocktail of funny, cute, free Christmas wallpapers and movie posters. Yes, your computer also deserves a small gift. Open your soul to Christmas wonders, tune to festive mood and don’t forget to change your desktop wallpaper. It’s free!

Christmas Movie Posters



The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.



The Christmas Candle

The Christmas Candle.

Christmas in Hollywood

Christmas in Hollywood.

A Madea Christmas

A Madea Christmas.

The Worst Christmas of My Life

The Worst Christmas of My Life.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Poster.

Saving Santa

Saving Santa.

Santa’s Apprentice

Santa's Apprentice.

New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve.

Free Christmas Wallpapers

Christmas Wallpaper For Your Desktop

Christmas Wallpaper For Your Desktop.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

Bell Wreath Ornament

Bell Wreath Ornament.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree.
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