Free HTML5 Theme for Beauty Site in Radiant Orchid – Color of the Year

The year 2014 is going to be energetic, captivating and a bit enigmatic, as the Radiant Orchid color that is announced as the trend of the new year. This color and all its undertones like fuchsia, purple, pink create a harmonious unity that can turn any design into a noticeable one. Free HTML5 Theme for Beauty Site shows you how attractive this color is in designs of this kind. If your business deals with beauty industry, consider this freebie to dress its web presence up. If not, you just need to add minor changes into this theme to turn it into the desired one.

This light design draws visitors in with rich color scheme so pleasant on the eye. The infusion of various Radiant Orchid tints make it visually effective and works for separation of the content parts. Top text slider, featured blocks, boxes with informationwise division of the layout helps arrange all the content in easy-to-perceive way. Back-to-top button moves visitors quickly to the top of the page, thus facilitating the navigation. Original look in the trendy purple color and obvious functionality make this theme a perfect fit for various beauty websites that you want to be effective and interesting at the same time.

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