Will Emotional Web Design Trend Continue to Rule in 2014?

Today, we come across generic web designs that offer a monotonous look and feel to the websites. Building your website using a web design that’s quite common is definitely not a great idea to stand out from the crowd. In order to create a unique niche among your online competitors, it’s quite essential to utilize a web design that has an entirely different visual appearance and is competent in attracting clients just like a magnet. I’m sure you must have heard of an emotional web design. Well, through this post, I’ll be making you familiar with the future of emotional web design i.e. whether it’s going to stay in trend or is it going to lose its charm in the year 2014.

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What Exactly Does an Emotional Web Design Refer to?

A web design that’s used for building a website wherein the site owner needs to evoke emotions into visitors is referred to as Emotional Web Design. In addition to the usual web design elements such as images, typography, colors etc., an emotional web design has a set of distinguished elements that evoke emotions such as:
– Joy
– Pleasure
– Attention
– Surprise
– Expectation
– Anticipation

The potential of Emotional Web Design can’t be ignored when it comes to designing websites which need to portray specific emotions. There are websites that need to create a user experience that makes them feel like there’s a person not a machine, that they are using and exploring.

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Implementing Emotion in Your Visual Design

In order to make a website more personal and one that’s regarded as “emotion carrier”, it’s essential to add and take care of several elements such as humor, dissonance, recognition and tone of voice that need to be incorporated into the website. Lets’ take a look at each of these emotional web design elements on an individual basis:

Humor. Humor is believed to be an effective means of connecting with people. A good sense of humor can easily make people feel more comfortable; whether it’s in the group of friends or on the website. Generalizing humor is quite complex and if not used properly it can result into embarrassing situations. While adding humor into your website, it’s important to know your users in a thorough manner. Manage to make everyone smile, but at the same time avoid making visitors uncomfortable and offensive. Also, don’t forget to include the right quantity of humor on your site as this will greatly influence the way your visitors will perceive you.
Dissonance. Yet another trait that differentiates human from machine is the ability to fit the world into patterns. We can understand various elements of the universe by segregating them into different patterns. The same approach needs to be followed while imbibing emotions into your website. As long as you allow your visitors to recognize patterns on your site, it’ll become convenient for them to recognize your website functionality and act as per your expectations. Unlike this, if you fail in building a website that fits patterns, you may encounter visitors’ irritation and frustration for not having found what they were looking for.
Recognition. In order to own a website that’s popular among people, it’s crucial to trigger your visitors to feel something. You need to make your site’s content highly recognizable so as to make the visitors feel connected with what you’re offering them via the World Wide Web. As a website owner, using an emotional web design will aid you in building an emotional connection with your visitors. It’s in human nature to relate everything that we see around us. Adding emotions into your website is a brilliant means of helping visitors recognize their needs that can be fulfilled via the site.
Tone of Voice. Tone of voice used on a website is a crucial emotional factor that communicates a lot about your relationship with the visitors/clients. Your tone of voice reveals everything about what you think of your visitors and what you want them to think of you. If you’re running a website with a serious message then it’s mandatory to use a voice tone that reflects maturity. On the other hand, if you’re a trader trying to sell some funky products then it’s beneficial for you to maintain a voice tone that reflects fun and trendiness.

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Emotional Web Design – an Effective Tool for Enhancing User Engagement on a Website

People want to be engaged on a website prior to making a purchase. The engagement can be in the form of interaction, playing or personalization of content. Using an emotional web design is what comes as a handy solution for building a welcoming website. Including specific elements allows you to improve usability for your site, thereby increasing user engagement and in a way your overall success rate.

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Considering the pointers mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to say that Emotional Web Design trend is definitely here to say. With World Wide Web embracing new and improved websites, using emotional elements will surely add a tint of innovation and individuality into your online venture.

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