How to Build an App: 10 Tutorials for a Good Start

When it comes to force the power of your portable devices or PC, various applications come in handy. You can find a number of them while surfing all around the web and you can try to create the desired one yourself. It is not necessary to have some extra development skills to succeed in it. Of course, you have to know the basics, but you can always address to the well-done tutorials from professionals that will seamlessly guide you through the process and show it in details. After looking through the well-done tutorials you can easily bring the app idea into reality. So, today I’d like to share with you the compilation of such tutorials.

See How to Build an App Fast

How can the help you? They cover the basics of certain programs and provide you with the detailed explanations that show the work from A-Z. If you happen to start working on the application development, don’t forget to check out these tutorials first. They will give you better idea concerning the matter of you interest and provide you with useful tip on how to:

– build Facebook app;

– create mobile app;

– develop HTML5 app

Continue reading the post to find more on how to build an app.


Build a Simple Camera App Using UIImagePickerController

How many times have you looked through all camera apps in iTunes trying to find a perfect app? So, why not to create your own? Use this tutorial to get the job done.


Build a Facebook Open Graph App

The demo app on the Open Graph is in the focus of attention in this tutorial. See how to create it with Facebook JavaScript SDK and a single HTML page easily.


Build an App Using Directives and Data Binding

Of course, you’ve heard about AngularJS, the forward-thinking JavaScript framework. And what about working with it? The following tutorial will show you how to get started with AngularJS and build an app with its help.


Building a Scalable App With Backbone.js

This tutorial highlights a small library oriented at creating single page web applications. Following it, you’ll see the process of creating a library of books and turning it into more robust app.


Building An App In 45 Minutes With Meteor

Looks like building an app is not a problem, especially if you have a good tutorial and 45 spare minutes. In this tutorial you’ll learn a painless way of building app. Enjoy.


Creating Your First iOS Application

What about working with iOS? Try to create the iOS project from scratch, learn how to modify the source code and get the application run on the device.


How to Build a Mobile App with an App Engine Backend

If a mobile app that is powered with Google Cloud Platform is a matter of interest for you, here is a good solution to get it. Check out this tutorial to learn how to develop such an application that goes with Android client and an App Engine backend.


Make HTML5 Apps with Sencha

HTML5 is one of the most adaptive markup languages. With it’s help you create amazing things. Let’s see once again what we can squeez out of HTML5. In this tutorial you will learn how to make use of HTML5 and Sencha Architect when building apps for iOS.


How To Make A Simple Drawing App with UIKit

If you want a wise advice on how to make a drawing app, consider the one from Abdul Azeem who is a software architect at a company that deals with software development. Here you’ll know how to create an app that looks like Color Pad for iPhone.


Tutorial Create Your First App

Blackberry is one of the most interesting platforms. If ever wanted to create an app for this platform, here is your opportunity. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make use of Cascades framework when building awesome apps.

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