10 jQuery Controls and Plugins to Base Your Website on

jQuery is a wonderful tool for those who need to build a website efficiently. This library for JavaScript gives an opportunity to use the finished plugins. This feature simplifies the process, so you don’t need to waste time for HTML scripting.

Being the most popular JS library, jQuery can offer a lot of helpful plugins. Some of them can be more actual or less actual. But anyway there is a certain set of the principal things for websites. Yes, I mean jQuery controls, aimed to govern elements and processes. I want to present 10 of them, which I suppose to be in general useful for every jQuery user.

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Galleria Display

Bring to your site a comfortable and beautiful gallery with the help of this image gallery display plugin.

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This plugin builds a nice calendar, where you can easily demonstrate the planned events.

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Droppy will help you to create so necessary for today web design drop-down menus.

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Hover manipulations are the inevitable part of the web interfaces, so this jQuery control will be definitely appropriate.

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LayoutManager provides with customizable layouts. Their size is changing to to the screen resolution.

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If you want to show the location of you organization, this built-in Google map is exactly the right thing for that.

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jQuery Media Plugin

This is a massive jQuery media plugin. Its main functions concern putting video, audio, image files into the website body.

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jCarousel offers different styles of photo carousels: horizontal, vertical, circular, the ones with additional attributes etc.

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jSlider is a nice flat slider created exactly for touch-screen mobiles.

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jQuery Validation Plugin

To grow a strong community the web resource must have a registration option. So, this plugin gives a multifunctional validating form.

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I tried to choose the controls suitable for modern web design techniques. They will fit the latest trends on the web, so you will need just to customize the plugins for your own needs.

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