Fresh and Steady: 10 SASS Tutorials for 2013

If you work with CSS you should definitely know about SASS. And you should know how SASS can ease your development with CSS. In case you have no idea what that is, let me briefly explain. SASS is an abbreviation for Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets. It’s a scripting language, which is interpreted into CSS. Sass consists of two syntaxes: indented syntax and SCSS. The first one uses indentation to separate code blocks; the second one uses block formatting like in CSS.

Using SASS can definitely make your coding with CSS faster and more efficient. Besides, this language extension is open for many frameworks like Compass, which greatly improves the effectiveness of the working process. Below I gathered 10 sass tutorials posted in 2013 – they are all new and fresh. Most of them will be suitable for SASS beginners, nevertheless I believe advanced users will be also able to find helpful things for them.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Sass

* * *

Improve CSS Development with SASS

* * *

Setting Up SASS on Windows

* * *

Modular CSS Typography

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Font Stacks, a Sassy Font Stack Library

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Sassy Buttons

* * *

Mixins for Semi-Transparent Colors

* * *

Math Sequences with SASS

* * *

Animate.sass, a CSS Animation Library

* * *

Automatic Sass Imports with Sass Globbing

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I’ve tried to structure the tutorials from easy to more intermediate. In result, as you can see, the list includes quite variable articles that concern even typography and buttons. So check the ones you need for your projects and become more skillful. Good luck.

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