Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet Each Designer Dreams to Have at Hand

Today it’s difficult to find a single person absolutely unaware of the power of social media sites. At present, it won’t be too bold to assert that social media sites have become a part of our live, especially when we speak about younger generation. These websites perform multiple functions; they bring people from the most distant parts of the world closer to each other. However, social media sites are not only the source of communication; they can also serve your business promotion needs. The most useful feature of social media sites is that you don’t need to spend too many efforts to deliver your message to the targeted audience. The only thing you should consider is main thematic orientation of the website. Smart companies and individuals have already learned to take their benefit from such websites.

For justice sake, it should be mentioned that creating an account on the next website you can come across a specific issue – the difference of photo sizes. Image sizes suitable for Facebook, for instance, are absolutely inappropriate for Google+. Nevertheless, today your will get a quick relief from this headache as we will speak about the most helpful Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet created by LunaMatrics. The cheat sheet was developed in the form of infographic, featuring photo sizes relevant for the most popular social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The idea to present this accurate, complex for memorizing information is really cool, as it’s a well known fact that our visual perception is a powerful tool, involved into the cogitative process. Besides, infographics are much more interesting, simple and entertaining than charts and tables. This cheat sheet contains only fresh, updated data. Social media sites have the tendency to change photo dimensions from time to time, that’s why this infographic is the second refreshed version of the cheat sheet developed by LunaMetrics. It’s our strong belief that professionals, designing for social websites and marketing specialists will highly appreciate the infographic. Having such useful information at hand will save them a lot of time during presentations development. But let’s stop beating about the bush; a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is – a time-saving Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet. Save it to your computer and forget all apprehensions concerning the image sizes!

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    October 25, 2013

    Great Templates, thank you, you have saved me a tremendous amount of work.

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