Myths that Represent Everything that’s Wrong With Web-Designing Perceptions

Sometimes, you end up making a lot of false web-designing assumptions that are meant to be repented and repaired at some point in near future. And then there are myths (or should I say misconceptions?) that are galore in the web designing realm.

A technology genre that keeps welcoming new blood every fortnight also happens to be filled with ideations that range from innovative to meritless to downright ridiculous. If you have got your basic concepts in Internet design right, you have a perfect instrument for setting higher goals and getting to them with an envious ease. If, however, you have already fallen to the following web design myths, it’s time to introspect and take a long, hard look at the lack of results you are suffering from, because of the numerous fallacies adopted by you:

A Design that Overwhelms is a Design that Impresses. Unfailingly.

“Not necessarily” should be the simplest rebut to the above claim. The designs with overwhelmingly rich colors may not be the ideal recipe for impressing your users, since such designs come with a lot of baggage. While they may have all the colors and patterns to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, where they may be off the mark is the responsive attribute, and the fact that they go a long way in hampering the speed of your website by lowering it by several notches.

For what it’s worth, web design should be visually appealing, but if that visual appeal is coming in the way of user-experience, in regards to how the website loads on their browsers and mobile screens, the richness of the design is hardly serving a purpose. Getting the balance right is important and while you aim to create beguiling designs, keep in mind that your visitors are using different OS platforms and even mobile devices that have much smaller screen sizes.

Following the Tried-and-Tested is a Surefire Way to Success

While it can’t be argued that employing the proven methodologies to design your website does have a degree of assurance to it, but if that’s all you are doing, that’s also a surefire way of being superannuated. Innovation has to be hallmark of any web designer. While the wisdom of customary trends cannot be underestimated, being singularly focused on leveraging them is a way to the creative doom, and once you land in a place that leaves no room for creativity, there are results that border on the unspeakable.

Typography is Something Not to Be Messed With

Again, to follow the safer route, you can leave the typography on your website untouched. But a little experimentation won’t hurt. You don’t have to pull the text on the site in all directions, but adding a bit of variety can help you stay ahead of the curve. There is a truckload of fonts for you to try out, and you also have an array of colors for consideration.

The verbiage has evolved, and so has the way of flaunting it. You don’t have to fil the page with too many words. A tag-line here, a two-liner there – all written in larger fonts – can create just the right impact you are looking for.

Homepage Converts the Maximum

If you are under the fallacy that homepage is responsible for the largest chunk of your conversion rates, it’s time to rethink, and rethink hard. If you have ben promoting your website across social media and forums, the homepage may not be the landing page being promoted. Even Google indexes those pages on your site more that have a greater volume of keywords in regards to the query being searched – and those pages are likely to be your service pages. If you are running a blog on entertainment and have an article around ‘best Shahrukh khan performances’, the searches in Google around the same topic will land them on this particular post.

Or, you are looking for some WordPress tips and run into a blog that offers comprehensible guidelines on how to use it. You read the page you have landed on, and then navigate across the site based on the menu you see above and keep fishing in the same category. How many times do you really go to the homepage?

Homepage Hardly Matters

Everything said and done, the homepage is still one of the most visited parts of the website. There is no dearth of users who know your website by its domain name and visit it directly via the homepage. However, optimizing it should not come in the way of you paying attention to rest of the site.

The perfections of your web design are to be embraced with all their imperfections. Flush out the misconceptions be brave enough to adopt an approach that is formulaic and innovative in equal measure.

Author bio: Samuel Dawson is a creative web design expert of HTML to WordPress Conversion with vast experience in web design and development technologies.

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