3 Effective Tips to Turn a Web Design Into a Brand Experience

Long gone are the days when a design agency could make a living by simply using a few templates to churn out functional websites – now if you want to have any chance of surviving in the ultra-competitive world of web design, you have to be able to create a website that captures the very […]

5 Useful Tips to Make Your Web Design Business more Productive!

21st century is marked by an extremely agile and competitive international business scenario! And under such circumstances, managing and successfully running a business becomes a really arduous task. With each new day you have to get ready to face a completely new challenge; especially when you are associated with a creative area like web designing! […]

7 Fundamentals of Web Design Newbie Designers Must Know (But Usually Don’t)

A newbie in web design business? Take a note of these simple fundamentals on your way to the real pro. Stick to them and see how your designs become better day-by-day.

Surviving the Web Design Challenges of 2014 – What You Need to Know?

The author tells about 3 main challenges web designers can face in 2014 and accompanies them with possible solutions as well as relative examples.

How to Choose Images for Your Website

When building a website, every little bit counts, especially when choosing the imagery and photos used in its design.

Trick or Treat: Halloween Photoshop Tutorials

The blog post includes 20 Photoshop tutorials dedicated to Halloween. Check the out.

WebsiteDefender Free Version – The Easiest Way to Protect Your Online Business

Don’t wait for the moment your website get hacked – prevent it right now with WebsiteDefender Free Version!

DesignFloat Recommends Blogger Skins

Among the most popular submissions on DesignFloat we can find the free amazing WP themes, but can we say that WordPress is the most popular blogging software? Well, that depends on the target audience.В  Say if I were a housewife would I like to go into hosting stuff and domain name registration, spending additional money […]

All You Need to Create a Halloween Design

We have prepared a small collection of free professional Halloween Icons, Smileys, Fonts, Templates and a pumpkin tutorial to help you meet the Halloween and update your websites easily. Enjoy! Free amazing Halloween Smiles Download here

Design “Float It” Button on Your Website

I’m sure you have all been waiting on the edge of your chairs for the ability to integrate Design Float with your websites and blogs. Well now you can! The below options should allow you to easily integrate a “Float It” button to your website pages and blog posts both manually and dynamically. The first […]