Coolness of Blue in Web Design – Interactive Infographic

Why does Twitter use blue color scheme in its design? Why are blue designs so popular? What are the reasons for the choice of blue color as the primary one in your project? These questions will lead to the following cool infographic that I’m going to present you today. Coolness of Blue in Web Design. Interactive Infographic – here it is, and it seems for me that it will be a good inspiration for all of you, who are interested in design.

The psychology of colors is a powerful tool that helps create designs with a certain impact on its viewers. The visual presentation of information is of the primary importance. It is one of the first things that your visitors experience when enter you site. That’s why the choice of color scheme should be thought-out. This infographic focuses on blue color in web design, the tone that it brings in designs and the feelings that it arouses.

Blue is known as trustworthy and quality-related color, and that’s why a number of solid companies like social websites, computer technologies, finance, healthcare, airlines, political parties use it in their designs. A number of internet giants prefer it as the color of their logos. It is strongly associated with intelligence, stability, unity, conservatism, and this is one more reason for its immense popularity. Choose it if you want your web presence to appear as confidence-boosting

Do you know the number of shades of blue? What are the popular combinations of this color with others? What about its cultural meanings? All this you’ll find in the following infographic, and some other interesting facts like gender preferences concerning blue color, its power in branding, the sites that use it as the key color.

This infographic is interactive and features jQuery and HTML5 powered animation. Browsing it is a captivating pastime, ‘cause you choose your own way of working with it. Personally I enjoyed cute effect of hovering over the pencils at its header and bottom. And now it is for you to enjoy it.


(Here is a static and contracted version of Coolness of Blue in Web Design Infographic, at the bottom of it you’ll find the link to the full interactive version.)

To see full version of this Coolness of Blue in Web Design Infographic
, just follow the link.

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