5 Benefits an Enterprise Can Enjoy by Implementing E-signature

When we go to supermarkets, we often hear “paper or plastic” question at the packing counter. Why do people prefer paper? Paper is more eco-friendly and offers almost same level of durability. Just as choice of paper can make a lot of difference to our environment, it is the time for enterprise owners to ask themselves “pen signature or e-signature?” The right answer is secured e-signature or electronic signature.

Signatures are critical for running a enterprise professionally. Whether it is about finalizing a project contract or a price quote to B2B clients, signature is the seal that verifies the authenticity of a document. When you sign a document, it means that you agree to all the things written in the document. If any promise made in the document is not fulfilled, the other party can file a case against you.

When you run a really large enterprise, you have to take care of lots of things and pen-paper based signature is not ideal for you. Documents often get lost due to the negligence of the mailing department, people often forget to sign (especially when a document needs to be signed by multiple stakeholders) and printing documents every time for a signature is a tiring process.

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy by installing an e-signature solution in your enterprise framework. Let’s consider some of them to understand why it’s time to say goodbye to paper and opt for e-signature.

1. Close deals faster:

There are lots of companies offering the same services in the market. Hence, the faster you respond to the query made by a customer, the better chances you have to seal the deal. Suppose you get a project enquiry from a company and they are ready to pay handsomely if you can start the project within 48 hours.

If you write, print, sign and then mail the project contract with pricing details, you will never be able to inform the client within 48 hours that you can accept the project. However, with the e-signature solution you can sign the project contract within minutes. Since the document and signature both are in digital format, the contract can be sent immediately.

2. Eliminate fax and courier cost:

E-signature completely eliminates printing and courier costs. All the documents can be signed and sent digitally. As a result, your company’s bottom-line improves and you can also project your enterprise as “environment friendly” in the market. Getting the “environment friendly” tag may not boost your income, but it will certainly increase your brand value.

3. Easy to use:

When you use an e-signature software, the entire document verification and signature process becomes streamlines. For example, you may have written a new rule for the company that need to be approved by all the team-leaders in your company. So, you upload the document in the system and mention the name of the people who need to sign. Those who need to sign immediately get a mail that a document awaits their signature. They can review the document and sign with a single click.

4. Secure:

An electronic signature is secure and verifiable. Nobody can copy your signature. Similarly, if a document contains multiple signatures, each signatory is identifiable and liable. The e-signature software encrypts and time stamps your document. So, if Mr. A signs a document on 20th March at 1:30pm, he can’t deny it later.

5. Legal:

E-signature is as powerful as normal signature. Therefore, you can use it for signing contracts without any doubt. Electronic signature is legally acceptable across the world. In case of a breach of contract, you can produce the digitally signed document in court and seek justice.

There are many e-signature solutions available in the market and you can use any one of them for your enterprise dealings.

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