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Times of books with naked text has passed. The Internet gave a lot of handy tools for presenting information through many perception channels at a time. Text is not enough for today’s lazy average users, spoiled with info oversaturation. You should not only tell about, but also show, and the more detailed the better. So it’s not surprising that the format of infographics become so popular – it’s really demanded by the internet masses.

Okay, so we decided an infographic is a needful thing. But how to create your own infographic if you are a total noob and have no idea how to start? Well, in this case, we can recommend applying infographic templates.

Once you gain some practical experience with them, learn all the tricks and techniques from others, you will surely understand how to design an infographic totally on your own. So, in order to help you with your start, I listed 20 free infographic templates below. They are of different themes: business, retro, cooking, IT, and more. So, learn and enjoy.

Eco Infographic Template

Five Infographic Templates

Elements of Food Infographics

Free Infographic Templates

Eco Business Infographic Template

Free Infographic Templates

Coffee Elements Infographics

Free Infographic Templates

Eco Infographic Template

Elements of Water Infographic

Free Infographic Templates

Free Vector Infographic Vol2

Winter Economy Elements Infographic

Magnolia Infographic PSD Template

Free Infographic Templates

Business Infographic Creative Design

As you can see, all of them are totally free. So, just download – and start working.

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