Get Rid of Your Obese Paper Business Card

Promoting industry tries to be prominent by various possible means, and business cards are not an exception. For dozens of years, business cards haven’t changed but still, some designs really stand out. Transparent business cards can be referred to as those ones who modernize the industry because the approach in their production makes them stand out in comparison with traditional paper business cards.

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Unique business cards can easily modify the way how you promote your business. The ideal way to stand out is to create a unique design that will make your company stand out. Transparent cards are produced from durable, long-lasting materials, and unlike their paper analogs, they are waterproof. Showing off your creativity on the card makes the potential client more likely to remember you and your style. If you have a website or an online portfolio, make sure that there is visual correspondence. To conclude everything said above we made an awesome round-up of the most unique designs of transparent business cards. If you’re looking for inspiration, check it out.

17 Jun 2010

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Art by Kyle Bean. Handmade Stuff.
20 Mar 2022

Art by Kyle Bean. Handmade Stuff

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