Free Infographic Templates

Free Infographic Templates To Enter In-the-Know

The represents a list of free infographic templates.

Garden Mazes: Breathtaking Greeny Labyrinths.

Garden Mazes: Breathtaking Greeny Labyrinths

The history of labyrinths finds its roots in Greek mythology, but mazes remain quite popular today. You can find them in the biggest public parks and even in the private gardens all over the world. These garden mazes as a part of green design turn out to be the amazing parts of landscaping that makes […]

Online Photography Communities.

Top Online Photography Communities

If you take the challenge of creating a website you need to keep in mind that images generate large amount of interest. If you’ve been searching online for some photography communities where you could get involved, we’d love to give you a rundown of most interesting photo communities that gather not just photographers and amateur […]

Celebrity Illustrations by Innes McDougall.

Celebrity Illustrations by Innes McDougall. Intriguing Beauty

Today I want to share with you, dear readers, the eye-candy works by my favourite illustrator Innes McDougall. This artist is known for the amazing and intriguing illustrations of celebrities. The artworks from his portfolio invite the viewers to dream and admire their beauty. Some of them look like real photos, the others are just […]

Art by Liu Maoshan.

Art by Liu Maoshan. Poetic Paintings

The works of this artist have received high acclaim all over the world. They are to be found in a number of collections in museums and galleries in China and abroad. The name of this artist is Liu Maoshan – the well-known landscape artist and the member of the Chinese Artists Association. He mastered all […]


Cutting-costs in Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography can be fascinating, and a very expensive affair as well. For enthusiasts, few articles talk about how one can reduce costs when dabbling in an activity as rewarding (and at times, frustrating!) as photographing under water. Most will resources over the web will tell you which camera and housing to choose and stop […]

Surreal Animals Illustrations.

Artworks by Rhys Owens. Surreal Animals Illustrations

You may have seen the Artworks by Rhys Owens, the Welsh artist and designer nicknamed Hidden Moves. Actually, Hidden Moves is the toybox for the collected works of this artist, and all of them are worth your attention. His unique style was worked out after a long time of experimenting with photography, illustration, and digital […]

Image Optimization

Image Optimization Tips and Tricks

The speed of your website is very important; make a website speedy and you’ll get a reader who sticks around and an online seller who sells more. The website speed enhancement is not about a button to press and voila! It’s complex but the main speed monitoring tools like Pingdom or GTMetrix agreed on the […]

Free Christmas wallpapers and movie posters.

Have You Been Good This Year? Then… Unwrap Your Present!

The article is a compilation of nice free Christmas wallpapers and movie posters aimed to spark your creativity and raise the convivial mood before the holy festival, celebrated all over the world from ancient times.

soviet ad poster

From Russia with Love – Soviet Ad Posters

Today we have a few unusual posts because you can’t see these posters in real-life – they are all history now. The Soviet Union was and will be a mystery for the rest of the world and even now, after the “iron curtain” has fallen, we still have a chance to find out more new […]