Need Logo for Your Company? Entrust the Mission to the Reputed Partner

This is a brief review of LogoBee company, an expert in logo design services with more than ten years of experience. Apart from logo design, the team has achieved public recognition in stationery, graphic and web design.

Google + SkyFont = Easy Download Google Fonts

The article tells about the improvement of Google Fonts download through SkyFonts.

Infographic Videos – the Advanced Method of Data Presentation

The article includes 16 infographic videos related to web design and development. These motion infographics combine all benefits of static and animated ones boosted by impressive effect of video presentation.

Surprisingly Helpful for Web Designers: Quality Depositphotos Stock Images

The article reviews stock images website called Depositphotos.

Skeuomorphism Infographic That Would Remind about Real Life

The article reviews fresh Interactive Skeuomorphism Infographic.

What’s There on Your Back?… April Fish! (Vintage April Fools’ Day Postcards)

Here is a collection of vintage April Fools’ Day postcards. Because of the French origin, all of them contain fish in the design. The information why fish was associated with the holiday is stated in the body of the blog post.

10 Free Fonts: Web Developers Jokes, Part 2

The article continues to showcase actual in 2013 free fonts, presenting them in the form of visualized jokes.

Free Spring Wallpapers – Kick Off Winter Stupor!

Feast your eyes with these fresh blooming spring desktop wallpapers, able to drive winter depression away and decorate your work place absolutely free.

10 Free Fonts: Web Developers Jokes

The article presents 10 free fonts actual in 2013 in the form of visualized web developer and programmer jokes.

Vintage and Retro Style Typography in Logo Design

The article showcases 10 wonderful examples of logo design typography in vintage and retro style.